A Sort of Towering Museum District Townhome

Arquitectonica’s row of contemporary townhomes has punched up a mixed-residential block in the Museum District since 1986. Remodeled in 2004, this tower-tipped end unit’s natural lighting gets a boost from a tented skylight in the roofline ridge (at right), framed-in-color glass brick accents, and expanded east-facing windows on two levels.

The property popped onto the market Tuesday, priced at $446,000. It’s been for sale before, with no luck — most recently a little more than a year ago. Back in February 2010, under a different broker from the same agency, it sported an asking price of $650,000; several reductions and 18 months later, the listing expired last September at $495,000.


The 2,371-sq.-ft. unit’s flow-friendly living-dining-kitchen space is on the second floor. In the living room (above), a twice-as-tall ceiling accommodates a small, interior balcony off the top floor’s hallway. In the dining room (below), the sliding door leads to a balcony overlooking Milford St.:

The treetop-view kitchen is loaded with recent shiny appliances. As a utilitarian centerpiece, the island on wheels can drift as needed. Meanwhile, the to-the-ceiling tile backsplash invites an almost limitless swabbing experience:

Up on the third level, the master bedroom has floor-to-ceiling windows, a computer nook, and a wall of closets, drawers, and other storage space:

If you’re standing in the walk-in shower, here’s your view:

Nearby, there’s a utility closet for stackable laundry appliances:

The unit’s other 2 bedrooms and bathrooms are on the ground level:

There’s a small, fenced patio off the back of the unit, which has a carport facing Graustark St. two blocks south of its namesake bridge over the Southwest Fwy. Montrose Blvd. is 2 blocks east, putting Chelsea Market and the Museum District’s main drag within walking distance. The unit carries a $225 quarterly maintenance fee.

Although the unit is part of a line-up of (towerless) lookalikes fronting Graustark, its address cues off the cross street:

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  • Not my style, but that is gorgeous. Love, love, love all the light.

  • I like the nice clean lines of the interior, but I have thought the exterior of this block of units was fugly since the darned things were built 25 years ago.

  • I remember looking at this place years ago, But I didn’t remember there being wood floors in the kitchen. Love everything else though.

    This has to be the dumbest design trend I know of.

  • I knew a really nice coke dealer who owned it in the early 1990’s . . . very nice design, lots of stuff went down there.

  • My kids would have a field day every time we came thru the front door trying to out-echo each other. But love the interior …

  • Very vertical, very nineties, I love it.

  • I like the interior and I was wondering why the price had dropped and it still didn’t sell… then I saw the exterior.

  • The exterior screams office building, but I love the interior. So bright and colorful, a good use of color accents. Not too much or not too little. Nothing eye searing, just clean and very well done. I can imagine it would be a pain in the ass to do the touch-up paint on those squares on the wall though.

  • I like the porthole windows.

  • My friends owned this in the 80’s (before going bankrupt) and our little group gathered multiple times per week for dinner as one of the couple was a terrific cook. My job was to keep the wine and booze stocked. We had many good times there. The house was fab and they had a big modern art collection which added to the cool factor. The interior redo is well done.