A Woodsy, Bayou-Side Meadowbrook Home

Dark-stained flooring and darker-stained paneling, cabinetry, and such transform parts of this 1955 ranchburger into something akin to an in-country cabin. The home and its woodsy lot sit off a shoot of Sims Bayou in Meadowbrook, near Old Galveston Rd. south of Park Place Blvd. Last week, not long after its initial listing in late March, the recently re-mulched property with the shingled-cottage mailbox dropped its asking price $5K — to $134,999.


The front rooms are left a bit lighter on the wooden trimmings:

The eat-in kitchen pairs its wooden features with tile countertops and laminate floors:

Appliances were replaced at various points. The vent hood, though, is original to the 2,010-sq.-ft. home:

As the triple-wide window curtain rises, the north-looking view toward the bayou expands:

One wall of the kitchen captures the march of technology. Built before the Microwave Age, this kitchen uses a table to support the meal-zapper. But it’s just below a feature from another era: the home’s phone station (detailed in the photo below), which handily offers double-sided access and a little shelf just tall enough for a neighborly dead-tree directory:

It’s a one-story, 4-bedroom home. This one, with a corner window, appears to be the master:

Both full bathrooms have colorful tile (and wood-fronted linen closets), but this one features a rainbow of pastels:

The forest is right outside the family room. It’s also inside, in the form of knotty-pine wall paneling and time-worn hardwood flooring:

The north side of the deep, half-acre lot ends at the bayou. But first, there’s the veggie garden

. . . some citrus trees . . .

lawn . . .

and a place to grill and chill:

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  • Absolutely ZERO artwork on the wals anywhere, ZERO style or taste and a horrendously horrible kitchen.The exterior could not have been done by a professional architect..
    Tear it down.

  • Jim, lighten up dude! Not everyone is a wanna be decorator like you. Please post
    pics of your crib Jimmy.

  • That pastel tile is awesome

  • I love the vintage Vent-a-Hood exhaust in the kitchen. That thing looks like you could crank it on, set the kitchen on fire, and you wouldn’t smell a thing in the next room…

  • Don’t hate! It just a little mid century modest ranch that needs a little dressing. That yard is amazing as well. I’d slap some mcm all over that place and make it shine.

  • “great rental opportunity”… and so it goes.

  • I know exactly how this house must smell. And I love it.

  • Those floors are begging to be refinished or replaced.