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  • Why is it that all these nice, mid-price homes have cheapo, builder-grade shower frames. That seems to be a common theme but I guess we do live in a city were builders will do just about anything to cut a corner on construction costs. Here! they seem to say. Take this cheap, aluminum shower frame and go cut yourself is my reply.

  • OK, honestly, who hangs *anything* over a crib?

  • Does this house not have off street parking or does it back up to any alley entrance?

  • @ miss_msry, it is in a 4 plex? that has a central driveway and the garage entrance is on the side. It is to the right of the head on picture.
    And I always say people with white sofas do not own pets!

  • Mother
    I agree and wonder why too. I viewed a couple of brand new, on the market, $millon+ homes in West U last weekend.In the 2ndary bathrooms they had the cheapest of the cheap bath tubs. I know cuz I have one in my middle income house that I hate. I mean really, the builder had to cheap out there? On $1-$2million custom homes?

  • @miss_msry, the HAR listing says 2 car attached garage, and the birds-eye view reveals this to be one of four townhouses in the typical shared-driveway arrangement.

  • @Mother Hydra, every price range has it’s budget for appliances, hardware, etc. Even 5 million dollar house still has a certain budget, so no gold shower heads standard.
    Given the price of property in this neighborhood, this should be an equivalent of a $150k house in Katy with equivalent finishes.

  • It is 4 single standing homes built by Tricon. Tricon is a great builder in my opinion. If only, I could afford their price point.

    I live in this neighborhood and I am looking for homes in Katy. You can’t find this type of quality for $150K in Katy. If so, I want to know. Maybe for $225

  • For me, it’s the blinds. A guy I went to college with bought himself a $400k townhome in the museum district with blinds that look very similar to the white plastic ones in my Midtown “luxury” apartment. Perhaps I’m being unfair, since the blinds in a 10-year-old building have likely been abused by dozens of tenants, but their construction does look very cheap. I’d want better ones if it was my half-million-dollar house.

  • “Luxury” apartments these days, or at least the ones that deliberately label themselves as such, are generally a smaller version of a $150k house in Katy with equivalent finishes.

  • re: samiamj
    Tricon a great builder? Really? Don’t think so.

  • Re:Delia

    So name me a quality and somewhat affordable builder?

  • Ha! samiamj should talk to my friend who owns a Tricon-built monstrosity in the Heights. In the five years she’s owned her townhome, she has had:

    builders left their temporary “ladder” nailed to the roof, leading to leaks
    the floors replaced, at the builder’s expense (via lawsuit which my friend won), because the cheap crappy wood floor was not fit to be walked on — was substandard material and installed with huge 1/2″ gaps between boards
    garage door refinished multiple times
    plumbing leaks at the central junction in the PEX manifold system because it was installed incorrectly, and multiple plumbers either did not know how to work with PEX or did not have the proper tools with them

    I would not live in a Tricon house if you paid me to do so.

  • Omg! My friend forwarded this to me because this is my home and a picture our our little baby’s room. Seriously, some people are so mean when they think they are anonymous. We love our house and feel Tricon did a great job.
    @sara: Really!?!? Man. So mean. These are very secure. Honestly, get a life!