Addio, Buon Appetito? Holcombe Home Cooking

The time-travel vehicle known as the Buon Appetito Restaurant — housed in an old duplex on Holcombe just west of the Medical Center — has been put up for sale.

What could you do with this place?

“Move out the tables and chairs,” reads the mock-Sicilian listing, “and is ready for your signle fam. residence.”

Or . . . take over the restaurant and run it yourself:

This is also an excellent opportunity for someone to step in and start running this already successful business. The owner has been there for 32 years and is retiring. Everything is included in the sale.

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  • Was it previously profitable? Maybe owner will sell all the recipes also so the restaurant can continue.

  • Ah, Buon Appetito. The food is remarkably good there, and the ambience is the last of the old south-of-downtown ’50’s-’60’s places. Hebert’s Ritz, Valian’s, Kaphan’s, the Pier Whatever-it-was place on Fannin & Braeswood, even Captain Benny’s on Main, all gone now with only Buon Appetito remaining.

  • Did you click the HAR link? The realtor photo is FANFREAKINGTASTIC!

  • At $137 PSF for the land, I think he’s going to have to keep running that place for awhile.

  • Capn Benny’s is still there, albeit remodeled.

  • In horror after my first reading of the post, I called Buon Appetito to see if I had missed my last meal there. The gentleman on the other end of the line informed me that they are still open and serving. Going on Saturday for my salmon and penne in vodka sauce. Just in case.