An Added Upper Story Makes an Oak Forest Porch Perch

A deep-lot pocket of Oak Forest near White Oak Bayou appears to have escaped the area’s new-build frenzy, getting some second-story work instead. This property, for example, added an upstairs master suite with pool-view porch as part of a previous overhaul. The 1955 home landed on the market last month and has a $499,000 price tag. It last sold in 2009 for $359,190, just a tad higher than the $359K asking price.


HCAD records indicate some remodeling took place in 2007. The upper addition’s hovering staircase (above) hugs one of the walls in the dining area of the all-in-one main room.

Two bedrooms remain on the first floor of the 1,921-sq.-ft. home, which has 3 full bathrooms with travertine tiles and granite countertops.

The back-of-house bedroom downstairs has been serving as the master (above), however the aerie also acts as one, the listing says:

The bathroom’s single-sink vanity is open to the bedroom and located between the walk-in closet (with door) and curtained-off toilet and tub-with-shower:

The porch as well as the bedroom’s wall of windows go long in their north view across the pool, its patio, the detached garage, and a fenced-in yard the listing pegs as large for the neighborhood.

The lot is 12,109 sq. ft. and located on a tree-lined street north of 43rd St. and 4 homes east of T.C. Jester Blvd.

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  • it seems like they missed an opportunity to build a modern master suite when they did the remodel. Neither of those “masters” are going to impress most buyers these days.

  • I agree about the Masters, but I like the open floor plan. From what I can gleen from the images, contrary to the article, I don’t see any rebuilds around it, it just likes like a very middle class neighborhood, built in the 60’s, that for some reason people are paying absurd prices to live in. 500000! for this? in this area? I like the trees of Oak Forest and the location is good, but have never cared for the housing stock.

  • I think the floor plan is a little *too* open. But it’s refreshing to see an upgrade as opposed to a tear-down-and-rebuild. I just don’t think a kitchen needs to be accessible from four different angles.

  • Overall, it’s nice. But it is kind of odd to have the dining and breakfast rooms open to each other and only about 10′ apart. And did they run out of money on the remodel and not have enough money for a colonist hollow core door for the new master bath?

  • Shannon Shannon Shannon. Haven’t you heard? Oak Forest is the ‘new’ Bellaire! And, as a long-time Oak Forest resident, I can assure you this home will soon be surrounded by new builds. I recommend you peruse the Oak Forest Homeowners FB page to catch up on all the creative construction criticism.

  • Section 18 of Oak Forest is generally brick 3/2/2 (some detached). Not a lot of new builds. A Perry Home lot sits a few blocks east of this, empty for months now, waiting for a buyer to come along. The only two new builds I know of aside from the empty lot on Latexo were the result of a fire and a direct hit from a tree during Ike. I live on the street 2 blocks south, and 3 homes on this street are undergoing extensive renovation–one was only a 3/1, another which was a 2/2. All three are being added onto, not demolished. The trend in this part of OF is up or out–not new.

    This remodel is very nice, and if it weren’t so darned close to TC Jester, the asking price would probably be more.

  • Oak Forest can never become Bellaire, or anything more than it already is for that matter. Reason number one, it’s not it’s own governing body with it’s own police force and deed powers, it’s just another hood of Houston.

  • Oak Forest has deed restrictions. Good grief.

  • Reason number one, it’s not it’s own governing body with it’s own police force and deed powers, it’s just another hood of Houston.
    You’re right, being part of the City of Houston has really held back River Oaks, Briargrove & Tanglewood.

  • River Oaks and Tanglewood have never been ghetto, Oak Forest Has. RO and Tanglewood have their own patrols and architectural committees that are on par with Stalinist Russia, very effective. Briargrove is the sucker fish that’s benefiting by being nestled between Tanglewood and Memorial. The simple test is that you don’t have to sell Bellaire, River Oaks, Tanglewood to a potential buyer, but you would have to make a speech on par with “I have a dream” to even get any high end client to listen about Oak Forest.

  • I don’t know who’d be selling any high end client on the place anyway.

    If I know anything about Oak Forest, it is probably being improved by the kids/grandkids/etc of the people who first moved in.