Another Astrodome Indoor Clearance Sale

ANOTHER ASTRODOME INDOOR CLEARANCE SALE Astrodome Seats, Reliant Center, HoustonWithout a lot of fanfare, Reliant Park officials have just announced another round of sales of extracted Astrodome furniture. And it’s scheduled to begin tomorrow morning at 8 am. Astrodome seats once graced by the posteriors of thousands of cheering sports fans will be available for purchase online at the Reliant Park website at that time. [Reliant Park; previously on Swamplot] Photo: mokambo.0219

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  • We are getting requests at our fabrication shop to take these old Dome seats and modify them to make them stable and functional.

  • aaaaaaand, they’re gone.

  • Did they really sell out by 8:53 AM? How many were there? What was the price?

    Went to the website – the whole thing seemed kind of tawdry and second rate. I guess that describes the county’s entire handling of the Astrodome, though.

  • So bummed I missed out on this AGAIN.

    Now I get to deal with reseller jerks trying to push a dozen sets at $800 each.