Anvil Strikes the Daiquiri Factory

ANVIL STRIKES THE DAIQUIRI FACTORY Beaver’s barkeeps Bobby Heugel and Kevin Floyd will be opening their own place in the former Daiquiri Factory on the Westheimer Curve: “Our new bar, Anvil, located at 1424 Westheimer, will be opening in mid-November. Beneath the decades of former bar structure and traffic, lies a beautiful building with priceless windows, historic brick, and exciting features that are certain to make Anvil a site to see.” [Drink Dogma]

3 Comment

  • That’s right up in the Tattoo District.

    What’s the angle/theme/concept of the bar?

  • Cannot wait gents! Looking forward to a decent drink and a down to earth non sports bar bar….I think Houston and moreso the Montrose area will be pleasently surprised. As will the tat’d up folk in the area. No theme required. Just excellent drinks..

  • By the way the bar was not a sports bar, it was a extreme sports bar, All about AiR dude!!! Good Luck ‘ANVIL”