Around the Atrium in a Seventies-Era Woodway Place Townhome

Updates to a Woodway Place townhome haven’t done away with its seventies touches entirely. There is, for example, a vertigo-worthy atrium that’s alive and well and making sure rooms on both levels get some extra rays, hanging gardens, and possibly some peek-a-boo across the way. Earlier this week, the shafted townhome hit the market with an asking price of $249,900. That’s a higher price than other 2-bedroom units in the development, but this one initially had 3 — before combining 2 of them into a whopper of a master suite on the second level.


It’s 15 ft. by 23 ft. — and includes a chunk of the atrium, as well as a wide, floor-to-ceiling window and 2 closets. Access to the private balcony is just around the far corner in the photo above.

Meanwhile, downstairs, the front entry drops down a step into the living area:

That’s an accent wall of smokey mirror in the dining room — not a really wide screen teevee:

It’s located just off the kitchen’s service window with bar seating:

Here’s the bedroom that escaped conversion:

Other bathrooms appear to have been tweaked at some point. The listing mentions new-this-year countertops, carpet, paint, and water heaters.

The laundry area folds into a closet en route to the patio, located on the east end of the unit. An oversized 2-car garage is nearby.

There’s a $211 monthly maintenance fee to cover the community’s landscaping, pool, trash pick-up and such. The property, located off Woodway Dr. between Augusta and Fountainview, has an open house Sunday afternoon.

Among other listed townhomes in Woodway Place is this re-relisted one that’s also available as a rental — for $1,895 per month:

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