At Loop’s Edge: A Bit of Woodside from 1958

Hidden behind the tall soundwall that lines the westbound South Loop feeder road, just before Stella Link: this 1958-model kitchen-dining-den cockpit, control center for an original-owner listing in Woodside that went up for sale last week. “Be sure and notice the exceptional original doorknob” on the front door, instructs the listing. What’s more to see here?


4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a covered porch in the back yard, and an original ceiling wallpaper installation:

Plus this complicated-equation-friendly blackboard in the garage, which has been dressed up as an art studio:

There’s 2,187 sq. ft. of space here in all, on a 9,177-sq.-ft. lot. Asking price: $242,000.

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  • Formiiiiiiiiiiiiiiica! Probably still in mint condition along with the tile in the bathrooms. Dated but still classic!

  • You know what, with some mod furniture and a few small updates (i’m looking at your countertops) that house is awesome.

  • I love that house!

  • Gee, if they’d planted some TREES in 1958, it would be a beautiful shaded lot now instead of the bake oven it probably is.

    Love the tile & wallpaper though.

  • It’s my mother’s bathroom! We’ve been trying to make her get rid of the Harvest gold tile for years.

  • An overdose of wood paneling and that thin veneer brick, are you sure this house wasn’t built in Timbergrove?

  • The missus and I went to the estate sale at the house. Strangely, it was well attended by EMTs and cops. While dated, the house is kind of charming. The wallpaper on the ceiling (yup, up) is great, and the retro bathrooms are in good shape. The back yard butts up against the feeder road wall, which makes for a cozy/secure/slightly claustrophobic feel. It has old trees in the back, loads of shade. The house is closer to the mid-century modest than MC mod. Its a unique fit for the right folks. I have no vested interest in the sale of this house, I just like that it hasn’t suffered a unneeded renovation.

  • I attended the estate sale in this house a few weeks back and must say it looks a lot bigger empty! The backyard, however, is practically non-existent, which is a shame, although the little grotto under the trees is lovely. The interior is in good condition, but $242K seems a little steep compared to the rest of the area. Anyone else been inside?

  • Is that a chalk board I see in the third to last picture? If so, no wonder why cops and EMT types are interested in this place. Maybe they can hold roll call in the den.

  • I too attended the estate sale and saw the overpriced stuff they had on offer. Yeah, it looks a lot bigger with nothing in it. I agree that more “modest” than “mod”, but a few nice features and aspects for sure. Perfect for someone that doesn’t need a big yard. The tandem bedrooms with accordion divider were straight out of a 50’s home design magazine.

  • How bad is the roar from Loop 610 traffic?