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3611 Woodvalley Dr., Woodside, Houston, 77025

3611 Woodvalley Dr., Woodside, Houston, 77025

Just how many textures are tucked between the low walls of the facade at 3611 Woodvalley Dr. and the rather taller 610 Loop noise barricade that the property backs up against? The 2,704-sq.-ft. home has been outfitted with a considerable variety and range of visual stimuli in its 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, as well as its open kitchen and living areas — from the mod and minimalist to the more avant garde (that’s the master suite pictured above, as viewed from the open-plan walk-in closet). You can even draw your very own patterns on one of the 1959 home’s more recent chalkboard surfaces:


For Sale at Loop’s Edge
12/23/14 1:30pm



Shaggy carpet, lots of louvers, and plenty of boldly patterned wallpaper from a long ownership tenure cling to a 1960 rancher in Woodside. Its midblock lot curves slightly to fit the mid-neighborhood roadway that spans from Latma to Timberside. In its listing late last week, the property’s asking price was set at $359K.


Carpet Diem
11/18/14 2:15pm



A cul-de-sac in Woodside is exhibiting some fall color — in the golden tones of a 1955 Ranch home updated a decade ago. Or maybe that golden glow is from the skylights found in many of the rooms. Groomed ivy (appearing to end at the ivy clipper’s shoulder height) adds texture to the painted brick exterior, which is slightly recessed beneath the roof’s overhang. The home faces east on one of 6 lots fanning ’round Latma Ct., which is located off Latma Dr., a main street sloping diagonally through the neighborhood found east of Stella Link Rd. halfway between S. Braeswood Blvd. and the South Loop. In its listing a few days ago, the property-with-pool attached a $495K price tag and a very basic description. Is the midcentury property ripe for remuddling?


With Red Stripes
06/28/12 1:37pm

Instead of razing this ranch-style home, the new owner raised the roof, adding a heap of space on the second floor and reworking the original floor plan downstairs. Located in Woodside, near Longfellow Elementary School, the 1957 home morphed via a to-the-studs renovation and addition following its purchase in 2009 for $315,000. Now weighing in at 3,621 sq. ft., the new listing’s asking price is a much heftier $675,000.


03/10/11 4:42pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THAT’S WHAT THE SURF SOUNDS LIKE IN HOUSTON “. . . I almost bought a home in Woodside (610) but skipped it due to the noise though. I told my wife if you try you could pretend it’s the ocean. It actually sounds JUST like the Gulf does about 12 blocks back in Jamaica Beach in Galveston.” [Craig, commenting on The Sound of the 290 Expansion]

08/24/10 1:24pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: JUST ANOTHER WOODSIDE GARAGE EMERGENCY OUTPOST “Is that a chalk board I see in the third to last picture? If so, no wonder why cops and EMT types are interested in this place. Maybe they can hold roll call in the den.” [bgreen, commenting on At Loop’s Edge: A Bit of Woodside from 1958]

08/23/10 11:37am

Hidden behind the tall soundwall that lines the westbound South Loop feeder road, just before Stella Link: this 1958-model kitchen-dining-den cockpit, control center for an original-owner listing in Woodside that went up for sale last week. “Be sure and notice the exceptional original doorknob” on the front door, instructs the listing. What’s more to see here?


01/20/10 12:32pm

Real estate agent and Glenbrook Valley champion (and Swamplot advertiser) Robert Searcy has been tracking Midcentury Modern properties for sale in the Houston area on the Houston Mod website. Included in the latest list: this wood-filled home in Woodside designed by architect Zachary T. “Zack” Graham in 1957. It’s been on the market for 2 months now, for $369,000, and it’s practically begging for a whitewashing.


12/03/09 11:57pm

None of you guessed the correct location for this week’s mystery home. But we have a prizewinner for that Rice Design Alliance membership!

Here’s where you thought the home might be: Friendswood, Timbergrove Manor (5 guesses), Lazybrook (2 guesses), Oak Forest (2), Westbury, Willowbrook, Shepherd Forest, Spring Branch (2), Sharpstown, Meyerland, Westwood, Willowbend, Braes Heights, Ayrshire, Afton Oaks, Lynn Park, Old Braeswood, Braeburn Valley (2), Bellaire, and Maplewood.

Since nobody guessed it, we’re giving a one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance to a player who wrote in to identify the listing, then posted a couple of solid decoy guesses:

While the funky kitchen floor throws me off a bit, I’m going to guess based on the traditional furniture that they are Afton Oaks-dwellers.


Sorry – Afton Oaks OR Lynn Park (behind Highland Village). That whole area has that real estate tension between renovating old ranches or mowing them down to build a brand-new faux-something.

Congratulations, LT. You’ve won the week!

So where is this home?


05/30/08 11:55pm

Southern ranches almost as old as air conditioning itself! This week’s homes are low slung and and unsung, but still have room to party in back! Woodside, Braes Terrace, and Knollwood Village hook into the bottom of the Loop, between Stella Link and South Main.

8714 Bevlyn Dr., Braes Terrace, Houston

Location: 8714 Bevlyn Dr.
Details: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths; 2,955 sq. ft.
Price: $329,900
The Scoop: Expansive 1953 brick ranch in Braes Terrace. Featured here back in August, for $55K more, before all that beautiful wood paneling was painted over. Game Room, Study; Sunroom leads to backyard deck and pool with changing rooms and half bath. Just relisted.
Open House: Sunday, 2-4 pm

More dressed ranches this way . . .