Bacco’s Montrose Patio Gets Plastered with Hundreds of Wine Bottles To Celebrate Its TABC Approval

The aftermath of Bacco’s Wine Garden’s latest design choice at 3611 Montrose Blvd. has the place looking a little less like a homeless shelter and more like a bar.  Empty bottles were as close as the venue could get to the real thing before its TABC license got approved on Tuesday. Now that that’s all squared away, real booze will be stored inside.

It’s a marketing strategy similar to the one Postino employed with the bright yellow wine promos hung up on its Heights Mercantile patio before it opened. Except by the looks of their attachment, these reds, whites — and even a few proseccos — are here to stay.

They line the bar’s fencing all the way out to the sidewalk:


And back to the building’s face:

More subtle: the new staining that’s made the wood enclosure look darker than it did back when it first arrived in the building’s front yard.

Photos: Swamplox inbox

The Pre-Game

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  • I predict a short half-life for these bottles, even if they are empty. Unless they intend to collect them every night.

  • Saw this the other day. Looks awful.

  • Most of the labels are illegible, but I get a kick out of the very easily read label of the bottle of Sutter Home Bubbly and right next to a bottle of La Marca prosecco at that.

  • How soon before they become a safety hazard? Maybe now, who knows, it just seems like it wold be too tempting for vandals to throw rocks at them, sort of like target practice. I agree with @Gisgo, they won’t last. I can see a patron accidentally falling on them, there is a lawsuit waiting in the wings… these will be gone soon. It was not a bright idea to do this.

  • This looks awful. All the bottles outside look cheap. Maybe if they had stuck to one type of bottle for some sort of design element. Good luck. Way too much good competition inside the loop for wine bars.

  • Might as well be box wines. This place looks like a joke.