Behind the Hedges of a Meyerland Mod That Rocks

Just a suggestion of an upper story peeks over the palm-y landscaping forming a front courtyard for this 1961 Meyerland Mod facing Brays Bayou. A massing of bulbous shrubbery that only hints at the rocky outcroppings to be found elsewhere on the property marks the approach to the deep-set front door. The updated home showed up in the MLS listings earlier this week, with a price tag of $449,000.


Raked-and-rocky terrain surrounds a low stacked-stone fountain in the small, off-to-the-side Zen-ish courtyard, where an aggregate pathway connects the driveway to the entry’s colonnade:

The pebblery outside (top and above) gives way to an interior that rocks as well. The living room’s craggy mantel, for example, offsets an otherwise sleek setup that also includes a service window into the kitchen and a loft-level balcony.

Beneath the front clerestory, windows face the courtyard (above), which blocks views of the street. The room’s opposite wall has windows and glass panel doors pointed toward the 3,062-sq.-ft. home’s backyard pool (below):

Among the rooms displayed in listing photos both with and without furnishings is the dining room, which features mirror walls with and without windows — and a lingering chandelier:

HCAD dates the remodeling to the rockin’ year of 1997. The home last sold in 2004 — for $384,900.

Two of the home’s 3 bedrooms are on the first floor. The “smaller” one, at 22 ft. by 14 ft., faces the street and bayou beyond it:


The other, weighing in at 22 ft. by 18 ft., faces the back yard. It appears to be a downstairs master suite; its grasspaper wall covering carries over into the adjacent bathroom:

The Stone Age makes another appearance in this bit-of-boulder grotto bath . . .

. . . and in this bathroom with to-the-ceiling tileage in the shower and tub area:

The floor plan includes a utility room and back-of-lot 2-car garage. Upstairs, meanwhile, there’s a rock-free suite with full bathroom and built-in escarpment for the platform bed, plus shelving, storage, and a desk:

A skylight helps illuminate the spiral staircase:

Just off the master bedroom, a large screened-in wooden deck shares its breeze-but-no-bugs environs with the adjacent pool and paved patio:

The 14,400-sq.-ft. lot is 2 long blocks south of Meyerland Park and a block or so west of  the JCC Merfish Teen Center at South Rice Ave. Brays Bayou and its hike-and-bike trail are just across the thoroughfare:

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  • Another example that most Houstonians have no earthly idea what to do with a mod home. Why buy one if you are going to paint the inside buttercream yellow?

  • “People in Houston”? What’s up with dissin on Houstonians? Do you think people in Philly or Atlanta are so much more sophisticated? People screw up good design everywhere equally.

  • What color should it be Charlie? Not being snarky, honest question.

  • I, for one, like it. If I lived there, I’d half expect a member of the Rat Pack to walk around a corner (carrying a drink and cigarette).

  • More contemporary now than mod, but not bad. It would make a great house to live in while you backdated it.

  • I think its faboo…your probably jealous living in that studio on Richmond……lol…

  • Wow, not what I expected. First, people in Houston and plenty of other cities don’t embrace modernism like their west coast or even Austin conterparts. It is what it is. Frequently the homes are made as best possible to look traditional on the inside during renovations.

    I suppose the paint color is o

  • Damn iPhone open to debate but buttercream wouldn’t be a particularly sympathetic choice. I would pick white where it me. White is easy to work wih for art.

    As for where I live, not that it should factor at all in the freedom for me to express my opinion, but I live in a 20’s bungalow in the inner loop that i removated and which cost 1.5 times the the price of this home. I love the Meyerland mods but I hate driving so I live as close in as I can. My house is modern inside and I suppose some would consider that a travesty but it hasn’t stopped me from fielding multiple unsolicited offers to buy the house from me.

    So next time you want to criticize my opinion try to keep it from being a personal attack on me.