Bigger Ed: How UH Is Shaping Up

There’s more going on at U of H than that new McDonald’s, apparently: A reader sends these photos of many of the construction projects scattered across the campus. This photo shows the pylons of the still-unnamed bowl with a Downtown view that’s replacing Robertson Stadium, demolished back in December. And in the background of the photo you can see the new Cougar Place apartments. KUHF’s Jack Williams reports that the new stadium is already about a third done; more photos after the jump illustrate the below-grade playing field.


Elsewhere, construction continues on renovations to the University Center:

And a second building of Cougar Village dorms, now matching the nearby twin Moody Towers, all next to the light rail line along Wheeler:

And that new retail center that will feature, according to the photographer, Pink’s Pizza — as well as coffee shop by day and bar by night The Nook:

Photos: Tim Hanna

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  • To see all projects planned, in design, and in progress, go here:
    There’s a lot of ’em.

  • Don’t forget about the new parking garage near the rec center. When that is completed there will be a total of 5 garage parking

  • Good for Cougar High–Robertson was a dump–

  • Where are they playing this year?

  • Robertson was a nice (if undersized) example of a late art deco stadium, Shannon.

    Werent you just complaining about those two blue bungalows being the “wrong” color, yet you’re fine with Robertson being torn down?

  • @rex they will be playing at reliant stadium. You can find more info on their website

    @shannon I never understood why UH was called cougar high, can someone enlighten me? It seems like only the older folks calls UH that. I’m a currency student there and I never heard anyone refered UH as cougar high.

  • I realize A&M’s “new” stadium will be much larger than the new UH stadium, but UH could build FOUR new stadiums for the same price as the “new” A&M stadium. Why A&M, why? $450+ million for a renovation sounds like a sour deal. UH, way to be more prudent financially than the other Tier One school up the road.

  • The Cougar High moniker is a slap at perceived academic standards at one time, possibly back when the basketball and football programs were nationally strong (yes, there was such a time). It also harks back to deep history. UH originated as a junior college run by HISD, and the first classes were held in a high school. And in the present, the quality of prose posted by some UH students perpetuates the Cougar High image.

  • @coogem

    It is a derogatory way to refer to the school. It probably fit when the school was founded. The academics were not as strong as other schools.

    It doesn’t really fit any longer, but people like to use it. They often went to “better” schools and want to be sure you know what they think about you. ;)

  • I’ll enlighten you, Coogem–the school used to be a joke–a commuter school–a community college masquerading as a university–God love Mr Cullen, he gave millions trying to make it a respected school (tho he gave to TSU too, hmmm, but I digress), but it remained a joke, all you needed was like to take the SAT to get in–it was in a horrid area as well—all that has changed of course –a respected law school, Architecture school–great facilities –still it has no cohesive style, but it’s no longer Couger High, it’s a respected university –still no UT, but it’s gaining

  • Lol, Playmobile–you’re so right!

  • Thomas–A&M has a chip on its shoulder, it hates being in UT’s shadow–UT has spent hundreds of millions rebuilding Royal Memorial and it made Kyle look dated and run down (which of course it is)–in addition they want to serve notice to the SEC that they can stand toe to toe with LSU and Alabama –this 450 million dollar upgrade shows the power and financial might of the school –as a UT alum I’m impressed, it will certainly stand up next to Royal Memorial –of course when we close the south end and bring the capacity to 112000, they will again have to add on to keep up with the Jones–as DeLoss Dodds said, “we don’t need to keep up with the Jones’, we ARE the Jones’

  • @Thomas and Shannon: While I hope that my response will not detract from a more relevant discussion about the encouraging developments at the University of Houston (both in academics and the built environment), I would like to make a couple points in defense of my alma mater’s financial prudence.
    The new UH stadium will cost approximately $105 million and provide 40,000 seats, or $2625 per seat. The Kyle Field redevelopment project will cost approximately $450 million and provide 102,500 seats, or $4,390 per seat. UH is providing each seat for about 40% less.
    I would also assume that the new Kyle Field will offer a higher standard in amenities to both moneyed donors and prospective athletic recruits. This equates to a greater project expense.
    Additionally, the $450 million price tag includes the following within the project scope:
    “–Demolition of the Read Building, G. Rollie White Coliseum and the Netum Steed strength and conditioning facility, all of which are adjacent to or part of Kyle Field;
    –Construction of a new strength and conditioning laboratory training area on the university’s west campus;
    –Construction of widened tree-lined walkways along both sides of Houston Street from George Bush Drive to the stadium east mall area.”
    I would propose that we compare apples to apples and not projects with different scope.
    Let’s finally consider, then, the point made by Shannon. Kyle Field is indisputably in disrepair and cannot meet current seating demand. I believe that these are the preeminent reasons for redevelopment and I suspect that neither “UT’s shadow” nor the Joneses were discussion points in the process.

  • One good year in football texas a&m spends almost half a billion on a stadium. That’s like saying if you’re if gets an A on his first test, he gets a ipad

  • I predict that area near the metrorails will be a gold mine in a few years. They need to hurry up and build a grocery store for the 10,000 students living on campus.

  • I really hope UH becomes the next Louisville. The campus is still ugly, but is definitely getting better. It looks like they are investing in good, sustainable and lasting materials. The architecture building is gold. On a sports note, UH needs to be able to compete with TAMU and UT. If this can be done, their academics continue to improve, and the campus becomes more traditionally oriented, UH can move up conferences (hopefully with SMU, PONY UP) and shed the feeling of being overshadowed in Texas.

  • Lol–get real Jason–everything A&M does had some tie to Texas and keeping up–obviously you’re not familiar with A&M’s obsession with Texas–overall tho good points

  • Proud of UH development and they’ve got so many other projects coming up such as the health science center so this is just the beginning. The new buildings are nice but the campus certainly lacks style! The buildings surrounding Cullen Foubtain need a makeover to come into the 21st century. Great development at the campus!

  • To all who went to such great lengths to either explain or shame Texas A&M’s upgraded stadium, allow me to fully explain why…because we can.

    The same rationale applies to the Coogs. Good for them, and us. And, hopefully, Texas returns to playing football to full stadiums soon.

  • I still cherish my neutrality in what used to be the Southwest Conference.

  • Ain’t No High Like a Cougar High!

  • What does Kyle Field need seats anyway? Tradition mandates that Aggies stand (as able) throughout every game.