No More Golden Years for the U of H Golden Arches

It would seem that McDonald’s has resolved the steely staring contest between these 2 signs from 2 different eras, having gone ahead and ushered out the old restaurant here on Elgin and Cullen near the U of H campus to put up a brand-new one, a regional rep from the company confirms. No renderings of the next generation are available yet, but the rep says that it should be open in time for the fall semester.

Photo: Allyn West

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  • I haven’t been there in years, so I don’t know if this is still the case, but when I was a student at UH, this McD’s had the best service of any fast food restaurant anywhere.

  • This would be a much cooler city if the distinct stuff stayed around and the bland, cookie-cutter stuff went away, instead of always vice versa. You’d think it would at least work around a college campus.

  • I don’t disagree Mike, but marketing departments think that a generic easily identifiable brand and shape make it easier for people to recognize.
    I am guessing that studies have been done and the number of people who find it helpful that the stores all look the same outweigh those that want a little bit of unique.

  • Sure toasty, but I’m guessing those studies are based on the “average” customer. Whereas if they differentiated a bit, they would probably find that people around a college campus are more likely to respond positively to something that is quaint and authentically retro, something they can identify with as a neighborhood institution. I think this McDonald’s had that identity for UH students.