Black Lab Edges Out Melange Creperie for Eatsie Boys Space

BLACK LAB EDGES OUT MELANGE CREPERIE FOR EATSIE BOYS SPACE Eatsie Boys, 4100 Montrose Blvd., Montrose, HoustonThe old “circumstances beyond our control” got in the way of Melange Creperie’s previously announced move into the former Eatsie Boys spot in the Campanile center at 4100 Montrose Blvd., the crepe stand’s proprietor announced late last week. Eric Sandler reports that the location’s neighbor, The Black Labrador pub, will instead expand into the space. In an email sent to backers of the Kickstarter through which $52,215 was raised for the crepe stand’s move to an indoor site, owner Sean Carroll reported he’s still looking in Midtown and Montrose for a lease space. In the meantime, Melange Creperie will begin operating regular hours next to the freezer case inside the Montrose H-E-B. [Culturemap; Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Photo of 4100 Montrose Blvd.: Local Sugar

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  • I really do not understand how Black Lab stays in business, much less be in a position to expand. 25-30 years ago they had great food and service, but the last 10 years both have dropped off precipitously. My last three visits (the last one against my will) the food was merely mediocre, and the service was down-right surly.

    What a shame! Would have loved to have Melange in that space.

  • What a shame. If only we could have kept eatsie boys and put tasty crepes in the waste of space that is the black lab.

  • Black Lab also serves as a meeting spot for many students and faculty of University of St. Thomas. I can remember meeting my professors there for a beer and a chat on many occasions. Good times.

  • Perhaps w/expanded space, Black Lab will find themselves a new and better chef. Recently we had a laugh at Cezanne – a band member noted he’d never eat a Shepherd Pie from there again.

  • From what I understand, UST owns that property now so it wouldn’t be a huge suprise if they wanted to expland the space to accommodate meetings and such.
    I worked there from 2004-2009 and I felt like there was nothing keeping the place afloat except the (quite wealthy) owner’s determinarion to not lose his own personal lunch spot.

  • i’m english and find any trip to the BL to be quite painful. it was just “ok” years ago. plus, i am not too disappointed for the melange creperie as he deserves a location with better parking!

  • In the last few years since I lived next door, the quality of the food at Black Lab has gotten so bad it’s laughable. I’m pretty sure they now serve grocery store style frozen fries and fish sticks for their fish and chips.

  • One thing I’d like to add. Even if black lab somehow has enough business to stay open, it is never full! So what are they going to do with re extra space? Have a few more empty tables tucked away in a corner? Couldn’t UST students ha have had a meeting place in a decent crepe place instead?

  • Mts Ex-apt:

    Did you know Yesenia Loredo when you worked at Black Lab? Her cousin Norma, Cynthia? MY three favorite employees. Lost touch with all of them over the years, unfortunately.

  • Melange Creperie should come over to 77003/77023 area

  • I dont really understand how the HEB thing is going to work. Why inside the store and why the freezer section? Why not outside or in the market area? It just seems like it will be a clusterF in there for the people shopping and the people eating waiting to eat.