Where Montrose’s Favorite Crepe Stand Will Go After Scoring $52K To Move Indoors

WHERE MONTROSE’S FAVORITE CREPE STAND WILL GO AFTER SCORING $52K TO MOVE INDOORS Melange Creperie, 403 Westheimer Rd., Lower Westheimer, Montrose, HoustonWith $2,215 to spare and a crepeload of promised food orders to fulfill, Montrose food stand Melange Creperie concluded a successful Kickstarter this morning. Meeting the $50K fundraising goal means the stand will be moving to an actual indoor location . . . somewhere. Owner and chief crepe-folder Sean Carroll tells Swamplot he’d like the restaurant to stay as close to its current regular location (403 Westheimer, at the corner of Taft St.) as possible — but exactly how close depends on the amount of additional investment that comes in. As a result of the Kickstarter, Carroll says, the restaurant has received a lot of inquiries about — and promises of — equity investment. “As we stand now with our Kickstarter plus our current equity promises . . . we can open a restaurant but it will be smaller and not in Montrose.” If he finds sufficient additional investment, he says, he’ll aim for a Montrose spot that’s about 2,000 sq. ft. and has a patio. [Kickstarter] Photo: Suzanne R.  

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  • I hope Sean will consider Midtown as a location. His crepes are awesome and I’d like more food options nearby!

  • Maybe he can sign a short term lease next door to the Mattress Firm spot in the shopping center at the corner of Montrose and Westheimer ! They have lots of vacant space…

  • Not in Montorse? Great. This place is a 5 min walk from my house. Don’t leave us! :) Even though I didn’t eat there all the time, I did — selfishly — enjoy walking by it on my way to other places…

  • He would have an easier job finding a space if there weren’t as many ground floor retail naysayers.

  • Crepes? Meh.