CenterPoint Energy Work To Cause Extended Outage of Dog Park on Westpark Dr.

Jackson Dog Park, 4828 1/2 Loop Central Dr., Pin Oak, Houston, 77081

Update, 2:30 pm: Commissioner Steve Radack tells Swamplot that the dog park itself will also be closed while the parking area is inaccessible. This article has been updated.

Jackson Dog Park, 4828 1/2 Loop Central Dr., Pin Oak, Houston, 77081 A well-labeled notice was spotted by a reader at the Danny Jackson Family Dog Park on Westpark Dr. (south of the Houston Post-turned-Chronicle complex, just inside the West Loop). The sign includes what appears to be a letter addressed to Mike McMahan of Harris County Precinct 3’s parks department, affectionately sign by CenterPoint Energy (which owns the electrical transmission corridor currently borrowed in part as parking for the linear dog run). The note indicates that some or all of the dog park’s lot may be off limits as the company takes care of some work to raise its transmission structures (which cross over the 610 Loop just south of where Westpark crosses under), to get them out of the way of some TxDOT road work planned for the area.

Swamplot is still waiting to hear back as to whether the park itself will stay open Precinct 3 says that the park itself will also be closed during the work period, which the letter says will run from August 15th through June 1, 2017. We’ll update as soon as we have more info; meanwhile, here’s a closeup of the text:


Jackson Dog Park, 4828 1/2 Loop Central Dr., Pin Oak, Houston, 77081

Photos: Ann C. (top), Swamplot inbox (signage)

Marking Territory

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  • Interesting…makes me wonder how big of an issue these types of events might be for the proposed hike/bike trail network along similar easements. Seems like if we create such a network, only to have them closed off for significant time frames, their utility may be lessened.

  • For a “get the heck out of here” kind of letter, the tone was very amiable. And, I think it was pretty sweet that CenterPoint (a “Texas limited liability company” as on the signature line) pretty much told the government/license holder that they were evicted, albeit temporarily.
    But, hey, the electricity has to keep flowing so CenterPoint is going to do what they will. The parking may be tougher during the interim but the dogs may still be able to play. If it gets too tough, I’d advise the pups to head to their summer bark park in Aspen. (Kidding.)

  • Wow, almost a full year? Seems like a long time for the scope. Are they anticipating that project will be managed by the same the engineers that worked on 290?

  • If you’re opposed to the closure, contact Sandra Goodall at CenterPoint, 713-207-6347.

  • Spoke to Sandra who said the lot would be closed only thru November.