Comment of the Day: A Color Anthem

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A COLOR ANTHEM “You know what? Pink is UNDER rated. I’m not being sarcastic. Its period appropriate. Its Pantone’s color of the year (Honeysuckle). If I had $695K I would ROCK this house AS IS! Except for the carpet in the bathroom. BUT i would replace it with pink rugs FOR SURE! Replace the Hollywood Regency furniture with updated pieces and this place would be badassssssss!!!! Why do people bag on pink so much? Because it takes a super awesome person to pull it off and most people can’t decorate beyond copying the latest Pottery Barn catalog. Pink is bold! Pink is unique! Pink is more than a song from Funny Face or Aerosmith!! Pink for the WIN!” [brilliant.girl, commenting on 1956 Ranch from Del Monte Says Yes to Pink]

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  • So awesome.

  • You know what, you’re so right. It takes a special kind of person to substitute Pepto-Bismol for Sherwin Williams. A person that not only detests nausea, but makes fighting it a part of their daily life. Most people would say, “Those are just ceilings.” Not you! In the eyes of someone with vision, they are a fifth wall that has to be coated for total stomach relief. Take that, heartburn! Take that, diarrhea! Notice has been served.

  • Check out – there are many MCM homeowners who have happily embraced the pink.

    As the owner of two pink bathrooms – one that was temporarily pink until we re-painted it charcoal grey and the other that will remain pink for eternity, thanks to original tile and countertops – I do have have a bit of advice. Don’t treat pink like a neutral – it’s not. It’s not beige. It’s not decorator white. It’s not dove grey. It’s pink – it wants to be thematic. The only way to really make it work is just to go with it.

  • Seek help.