Comment of the Day: A Monument To Wholesome and Seedy Turnover in Rice Village

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A MONUMENT TO WHOLESOME AND SEEDY TURNOVER IN RICE VILLAGE Village Arcade Sign“The Village Arcade sign was a nod to the Village Theatre marquee (which was promptly razed in January of the year after a Jim McConn-administration moratorium on demolition of historic structures expired).  . . . There was, actually, some effort to save the Village Theatre and its block of shops (including World Toy and Gift), but it came to naught. It was a nice MacKie & Kamrath neighborhood theatre design, but by the time of its demise it was probably irretrievably tainted by its waning days as a porn house.” [marmer, commenting on Hanover Montrose Move-In Day Nears; Rice Village Arcade Sign Comes Down] Photo of Village Arcade sign: Swamplot inbox

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  • I remember shopping at World Toy. Little old ladies operating 1920s-era cash registers; inventory piled randomly floor to ceiling; disaster waiting to happen. Found some nice stuff there, though.

  • I would spend a lot more time in Rice Village if it had a porn theater and World of Toys. Talk about mixed use!