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  • It’s like a machine for cleaning, that shower.
    And the living room could be a hotel lobby.
    I imagine Hugh Heffner’s place looks like this.

  • Good God that is an ugly house. And what do you think goes on in that middle bedroom???

  • Three SubZeros?! Take note Houstonians – the bar has been raised!

    @movocelot – I totally agree with your observation of the living room. I wouldn’t be surprised to find “Join our Rewards Program” brochures sprinkled throughout the room.

  • “Invite friends to share a cocktail in the shower”
    I mean I guess sometimes it’s best to be direct?

  • ‘Invite friends to share a cocktail in the shower’. Do I have to?

  • When I looked at this my first thought was this was a crash pad for south of the border money. Then I looked up the owner in public records and found out it’s been in the hands of a Houston tech entrepreneur for 15+ years.