Comment of the Day: Archiving Houston’s Past for Future Affectation

COMMENT OF THE DAY: ARCHIVING HOUSTON’S PAST FOR FUTURE AFFECTATION Paradise Motel, 8405 Hempstead Rd., Hempstead Industrial District, Houston, 77008“I am going to put together a coffee table book called ‘When Houston Sucked’ that will document Houston’s former lack of glory. There will be photos of a half-empty Town and Country Mall . . . a picture of the 10k running route map in the old downtown YMCA that warned women not to run on the bayou trail under Memorial Drive at night . . . a map showing the work of serial killers and arsonists in the Heights . . . and lots of pictures of strip malls and garden-style apartment complexes. All the yuppies, hipsters, and millenials need to understand that Houston used to really suck, so they can feel guilty about the ugliness we lose every day . . .” [Old School, commenting on Paradise Lost on Hempstead Rd.]

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  • I will buy that book, because I grew up in that sucking Houston and thought that was how it was supposed to be.

  • Amen to that!!!*
    * a non denominational, secular statement of approval because Jebus is a myth.

  • yeah, used to be instead of having a Wal-Mart the Heights was covered up with serial killers and crack heads! Thankfully all of the crackheads in the Heights now confine themselves to the Wal-Mart.

  • Commonsense is a Mythicist? Could we actually agree on something ???

  • Remember when all those Houston bands put out a compilation album called “Hellhole?” It really was. I’m proud of the direction the city’s going.

  • Don’t forget to put a little cat symbol for all the places where a cat was shot in a window or otherwise brutally dispatched!

  • Did the Reverend Horton Heat’s song “Livin on the edge of Houston” come to mind for anyone else when they read this COTD?
    I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s about a guy who sucks and was written about a time when Houston still sucked?
    The irony though, is that Houston doesn’t really have edges. Or rather, it’s one giant edge. That’s why a lot of people think it sucks. I think there’s beauty in the suckiness, as cheesy and stupid as that sounds. But I accept that not everyone does.

  • @XCellKen, more of a militant atheist, except on court date. That happens when one’s major was applied mathematics.

  • @ commonsense:

    We’ll have to disagree on the Jesus thing. Can this remain a discussion on architecture etc.?

  • There *are* a lot of things that suck about Houston; poorly-maintained infrastructure, crime, etc. Thing is, there are ways to address those things that don’t involve replacing 75% of the inner-loop with 500,000$ condos, identical-looking Icehouses, and mattress stores. Shocking, I know.