Comment of the Day: Back to Nature

COMMENT OF THE DAY: BACK TO NATURE “Cities with a ‘home flood rate’ of over 25 percent — like Bellaire — should really consider mandatory green space, meaning some property owners simply cannot rebuild. Tough in the short term but the city can front good money to buy them out . . . because all that park land, trails, fishing, sports fields will pay back multi-fold when these communities are Edens in the midst of a major city.” [movocelot, commenting on Bellaire’s Flooded Home Count; Chicken Salad Chain Making Houston Debut] Illustration: Lulu

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  • yeah, that will fix the problem . . . .

  • Nonsense. Many of the flooded homes are tear downs anyway. Sell the lot. Pocket the flood insurance payoff. Profit. Elevate the new construction. Problem solved.