What’s Going on Backstage at Waugh Dr.’s Former Video Central?

A bunch of pipes arrived yesterday in the vacant field behind a pair of Montrose video stores, a Swamplot reader reports. Audio Video Plus shut down 6 years ago, next door to it on W. Clay is the warehouse home to the lesser known Astro Audio Video equipment rental store — also shuttered. The photo above shows the scene on Peveto St. behind the latter store.

Audio Video Plus neighbors another vacant storefront — Quintanilla Jewelers — in the strip mall on the corner of Waugh:


The jeweler, both video stores, and the field are all under the same ownership.

Photos: Swamplox inbox

North Montrose

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  • It’s worth your time to click on the “Audio Visual Plus Will Be Closing Up Shop More Often” link and read P’s comment from 2012. I’d add Cactus Music to his or her litany of beloved institutions Houston has lost.
    Fast-forward to now: Are bets on entertainment, retail, or residential?
    This would be a great site for a restaurant, if not for Houston’s ridiculous set-back laws.

  • I guess I’ll hafta find another place to rent my Beta â„¢ tapes !!!

  • @ Big Tex Cactus Music is alive and well, just on Alabama.
    I always thought that strip center was about the sketchiest, ugliest building in the whole of Montrose.
    Let’s hope for mixed use.

  • Looks like some kind of sewer relining work.

    Must be a slow news day.

  • @Big Tex & GlenW:

    Cactus is on Portsmouth, across from the Whataburger near the intersection of Shepherd and Richmond. But yes, alive and well. It’s Rockin’ Robin (also right near there) that I’m worried about.

  • Pssst..Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve heard from reliable sources they’re building something..maybe a 40 foot tall Rabbit…