Comment of the Day: Goodbye to Woodcrest

COMMENT OF THE DAY: GOODBYE TO WOODCREST Adjusted Woodcrest Sign“. . . I contend that Rice Military has eaten up Woodcrest whatever the original boundaries were. I have lived about a mile from that Knox Street house for five years, riding my bike through there several times a week, and have never seen any evidence of the Woodcrest brand. (Though the pic of the sign in the TC Jester esplanade on the crickets-empty Woodcrest Neighborhood Association website looks vaguely familiar. It’s in black and white so no telling how old it is.) Rice Military, Crestwood/Glen Cove and Cottage Grove all have Wikipedia pages. Woodcrest does not. 999 out of 1000 Houstonians would not have a clue where Woodcrest was, but lots more know Rice Military. Its original identity has been erased in the last ten or 15 years and it’s now a Condo Canyon like Rice Military so let’s just let that boring Woodcrest name go, especially since there’s a Crestwood right down the street.” [John Nova Lomax, commenting on Hearsay Doubling Up Downtown; Touring the Inner Loop’s Second-Cheapest Rent House] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Haha “Condo Canyon” sounds like a master-planned community in Sugar Land. Of course, it needs a “Lakes of…” or “…Ranch” appendage to be taken seriously.

  • Let’s just have a moratorium on Lomax renaming Houston neighborhoods

  • Anything but “Rice” Military—it’s absurd this area has Rice in the name at all, I don’t care what its history –maybe an area on Sims Bayou was once called River Oaks, it doesn’t mean you name it River Oaks “Bend”

  • I really wish you had applied this standard of “if only 1 per 1000 Houstonians may know where _______ is, then that name should not be used” when you put the name “Tampico Heights” in print.
    I think if you want to jump down DNaguy’s throat for using a real (if obsolete) neighborhood name, you should probably retract your naming a neighborhood based on Craigslist sofa sales.

  • It’s absurd that the area is named after the family that established it? Yeah, that never happens.

  • Don’t be hating just because you’re jealous, Davey. ;p