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  • Is this listed as a commercial property?

  • Tomatoes???

  • Whatever could they be growing in that home in Alief ???

  • What is this, Colorado listing or something?

  • Wow. A partially functioning grow-house for just a touch over $100k.

  • Looks like the DEA went lightly and didn’t totally trash the place when they raided the grow house. I think the realtor would want to capitalize on, “Great home for righteous bud.”

  • So was this just a grow house? Or do you get the bonus of a meth cooking site as well?

  • No mentions of potential INVESTMENT opportunity or that this is an INCOME producing property?? What a great way to GROW your equity!

  • Since there is no description, I’ll help the Realtor out:

    “Charming fixer-upper, perfect for anyone with a green thumb! Enjoy breathtaking school parking lot views as you breathe in the aroma from your own indoor flower garden ventilation system. Why go outside to garden when built in grow lights make gardening a breeze! Buckets included.”

  • It appears they were very into their “gardening.”

  • Wow! Now that’s a growhouse!

  • Looks like they had to leave the homestead before the crops came in.

  • I had to chuckle at some these comments. Couldn’t the seller or realtor just waited until the “equipment” was cleared away? All this needed was a homicide tape. Wow.

  • I understand some ag producers take out crop insurance. It can help them get through the rough years, you know, when the crops fail.

  • In 2012, the DEA carried out “operation greenhouse effect” and raided 40 grow houses in the Houston area. I looked up the indictment and this house was not listed as one of them. I could not find any news reports about this house getting raided. This begs two questions: Have pot growhouse raids in Houston become so common that the local news doesn’t even bother picking up the story? Or did this house never get raided and the seller is actually marketing the house as “grow” ready?

  • Wow I just learned a lot about how to run a pot grow house. I had no idea that using an AC window unit in reverse would be necessary, or that you need a hose reel above the bathtub. The craziest thing about all this is that the house looks perfectly normal from the outside. There must have been some shady characters going in and out with lots of funny packages, but because it’s Alief, no one probably noticed.

  • Is this a Sotheby ranch listing?

  • It will sell for 420k

  • Love the look out chair posted at the bay window in the front room. And the realtor’s close up of the mysterious brown muck on on the floor as if to say, “This will require some attention before it’s move-in ready.”

    This house is next to the high school! Crazy! I didn’t realize that lot value in that area was at $115K. How could any realtor think that someone would invest enough to make this house livable again?!?

  • What a mess. This is a short sale; the place was quite nice when it sold in 2009 for $172K.

  • Hey DEA lookie here… we got a ” gardening situation” in Alief…The sellers are REALLY out there posting the equipment in the HAR.com photos. I’d pull the pics down and put the equipment away,at least until the closing.

  • These photos whisper “disclosure, disclosure, disclosure”.

  • All the photos of the interior have now been removed from the listing on HAR. Perhaps the agent thought the homeowner was just growing oregano?

  • Dang, did they take down all the good photos? I always miss out!

  • the pics are still up on trulia

  • Hmmm… A guy with the same name as the owner was arrested for delivering 200 lbs. of marijuana in New Orleans and a guy with the same name was listed on an FBI circular as being at large for narcotics trafficking. Probably three different people but who knows……

  • I love some of the things that I find on this site. Anyway, this is ANOTHER one that was popular. The agent claims to have multiple offers on it. He needed best and final by noon Friday. It should be off to the lender now, as it’s a short sale. They were looking for cash buyers. The agent acknowledges that it may have been a grow house. I need to go watch some old episodes of Weeds now!