Comment of the Day: How Does Alcohol Complicate the Barbershop Experience?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOW DOES ALCOHOL COMPLICATE THE BARBERSHOP EXPERIENCE? Drinking at the Barber's“Do I want to drink a beer while getting my hair cut? Will it get hair in it? Is it comfortable to drink a beer while holding your head in hair-cutting position? Will I have time to finish it? I have a lot of questions about this concept.” [TacoTruck, commenting on Getting Ready for an Alcoholic Barbershop Experience Where the Parking Lot is Going Pink on E. 20th St.] Illustration: Lulu

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  • TacoTruck over-thinking a non-issue.

  • V’s Barbershop on W. Gray and Shepherd does the same. I recommend the beer and cut; wish Joe Lee’s offered a beer while you wait.

  • It is very simple. Shot gun a beer before you climb into the barber’s chair. After the cut, shot gun another beer after the barber is done brushing you off. Problem solved.

  • This is nothing new. Obviously none of you ever accompanied your mother to a hair appointment in the 80s, when the wine flowed like water, and hair dressers handed out happy pills.