Comment of the Day: I-10 Low-Bridge Alert System Isn’t Eye-Catching to Passing Truckers

COMMENT OF THE DAY: I-10 LOW-BRIDGE ALERT SYSTEM ISN’T EYE-CATCHING TO PASSING TRUCKERS “The sign mentioned in the posting is a joke — it’s small, off to the side, partially obscured, and it is not readily apparent what it’s referring to. Worse than that, it is 2 miles ahead of the 610 interchange, and 7 miles ahead of the Houston Ave. overpass. It is nowhere close to a sufficient or effective system, and along with the new low clearance signs inside the Loop, has every appearance of a band-aid solution to something that needs a more comprehensive approach.” [TMR, commenting on How TxDOT Tries To Stop Trucks from Clipping the Houston Ave. Bridge] Photo of I-10 near Houston Ave. bridge: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Can’t see any sign in the photo!

  • Why should we look at any TXDOT sign anymore when 99% they are doing advertising for gun shows? They really should only be on during amber alerts and actual emergencies, as it stands I don’t bother to look on purpose.

    On a related note, I-10 west at Taylor still says ‘NEXT EXIT STUDEMONT’… the next exit of course takes you over studemont.

  • What happened to the old school metal bars hanging from chains that said “if you hit this exit now”? Hang those from one of the many signs spanning I10 East inside the loop. Bet those would wake up the truckers when they hit the trailer at 65. Or 15mph more likely these days.

  • More idiocy from the wage slaves @ TxDOT.