Comment of the Day: Inner Loop To-Do List

COMMENT OF THE DAY: INNER LOOP TO-DO LIST “’Improvment’ is a matter of one’s values and in Texas, nothing suceeds like excess. Plan for in-loop: remove all trees, build lot line to lot line, add patina of sophistication (re: cheese closets, gift wrapping rooms) sell and run. Goal? Push all those troublesome low to middle income people out into the suburbs.” [finness, commenting on Comment of the Day: Grading the Replacements]

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  • This thing called Planned Obsolescence is the touchstone of the modern, industrial, consumer-driven world.
    (Never spend more than $6.36 for a toaster, from Wal-Mart, because the $85.00 DeLonghi version functions for the exact same 6 months.)
    We’re seeing planned obsolescence in Architecture, which used to be the glorious, respected amalgamation of Art & Science!
    No more.
    Businessman/designer George Nelson said, “Design is an attempt to make a contribution through change. When no contribution is made or can be made, the only process available for giving the illusion of change is styling.”
    Those with disposable income buy Styling, plain and simple.
    Myself? I prefer to Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
    (Also, I have no disposable income :-)