Comment of the Day: Hip, Tasty, Funky, and Savvy Have Left the Building

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HIP, TASTY, FUNKY, AND SAVVY HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING Mural near Market Square Park, Downtown, Houston“I think any time you need words on a sign or mural to declare that your city is hip or creative, it’s likely that your city is in reality struggling to be hip and creative. It means your surroundings and culture don’t already innately project that image.” [notsohip, commenting on Some Initial Feedback on an Elevated West Loop Lane; Rebranding Houston] Photo: Swamplot inbox

One Comment

  • Ah yes, words, they do so much to cloud the true artistic vision, if only we had an unmediated appreciation. The better query is how and why the decision was reached to so “sanitize” the mural.