Comment of the Day: Naming the New Studemont Kroger

COMMENT OF THE DAY: NAMING THE NEW STUDEMONT KROGER “. . . It’s ‘Broger’ because the guys that hang out at the bars on Washington are ‘dude-bros.’ ‘Party Kroger’ makes it sound like a place where one might have a party, but ‘Broger’ describes the people who will be shopping there.” [Eric, commenting on Up Pops the Studemont Kroger]

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  • Can the people that hang out on Washington actually afford to live in the area? I’m thinking that they mostly import themselves from OTL.

    Perhaps a name for us Woodland Heights / Norhill folks that will be frequenting instead of making the trek to the older, scarier Krogers of the Heights?

  • Love it. Perfect. Ed Hardy t’s always welcome at the new Broger.

  • Studekroger. Like a Studebaker.

  • @imidget – I live in the Heights and have been know to have a drink or 2 at Liberty Station on my way home from work. But I don’t know if that counts as “hanging out on Washington” or if Liberty Station even counts as being part of the Washington scene (I like to think it doesn’t). So actually, I have very little to add to your comment.

  • Each Kroger really needs to earn its name. Only time will tell if the Washington frequenters actually shop at that Kroger.

  • @ #5,

    Now that is a fair statement.

    It might end up being “no name” Kroger.

    Completely normal and unaffected.