Comment of the Day: That Pain in Your Chest Might Be More Than Just Nostalgia

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THAT PAIN IN YOUR CHEST MIGHT BE MORE THAN JUST NOSTALGIA Drawing of Lucky Burger Barrel Walking Away“If someone wants to sit down to do an oral history with me and my husband, it will basically contain a list of every former club or restaurant you can expect to be overhauled beyond all recognition or torn down. The Pig? The Ale House? Fabulous Satellite Lounge? RIP, Lucky Burger. Your memory will live on in our hearts – maybe literally, lodged in an artery, hardened to the realities of tear-it-up-and-do-it-over Houston.” [Andrea, commenting on Tyvek Ghost of Lucky Burger Rises at the Corner of Richmond and Mandell] Illustration: Lulu

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