Tyvek Ghost of Lucky Burger Rises at the Corner of Richmond and Mandell

Oui Banh Mi, 1601 Richmond, Montrose, Houston, 77006

Lucky Burger, 1601 Richmond Ave. at Mandell St., Montrose, HoustonHere’s a photo of the new construction underway on the now-barrel-bereft lot at 1601 Richmond, future home of drive-thru Vietnamese sandwich shop Oui Banh Mi. The new structure, shown above from Mandell, is currently shrouded in housewrap. (The historical photo of Lucky Burger is taken from the Richmond side.)

The Lucky Burger barrel, which stood on the corner for more than 40 years, was demolished on Halloween under the cover of citywide flood warnings.


Elevation drawings of a lower slung Oui Banh Mi were posted to the restaurant’s Instagram account earlier this year, showing a building that included a distinct echo of the barrel — or, at least, suggested a chic reimagining of the barrel concept. But those images appeared prior to the demolition of the former Lucky Burger building; the new structure appears to be significantly taller than the one shown in the renderings.

Oui Banh Mi anticipates a December 2015 opening.

Photos: Houston. It’s Worth It (Lucky Burger); Swamplot inbox (new construction)

Oui Banh Mi, No Barrel

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  • I refuse to eat at any establishment on that corner that is not barrel-shaped.

  • just doesn’t feel right paying a lot more money to live in this part of town without all the old standby / go-to favorites. I know there’s a lot of new and great places, but I can’t think of any that I’ll ever frequent or care to shell out for compared to the losses we’ve had.

  • Lucky Burger is dead. Long live Lucky Burger.

  • If someone wants to sit down to do an oral history with me and my husband, it will basically contain a list of every former club or restaurant you can expect to be overhauled beyond all recognition or torn down. The Pig? The Ale House? Fabulous Satellite Lounge? RIP, Lucky Burger. Your memory will live on in our hearts – maybe literally, lodged in an artery, hardened to the realities of tear-it-up-and-do-it-over Houston.

  • ev body acts so nostalgic for lucky burger but how many times did you actually eat there