Lucky Burger Floats On

LUCKY BURGER FLOATS ON Former Lucky Burger Building for Lease, 1601 Richmond Ave., Montrose, Houston And there it is, like a floating keg tossed into the water after a decades-long cookout: the empty hull of Lucky Burger. It all seems a bit forlorn, writes the Swamplot reader who sent in this photo of the tapped-out fast-food joint at the corner of Richmond and Mandell. A for-lease banner from the property’s landlord, Braun Enterprises, now covers the painted-on Lucky Burger sign on the side of the barrel. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Back in the 1970’s my new neighbors in the 2000 block of Sul Ross were a couple of guys from out of
    town and a real hot babe. The guys knew how to build a barrel and hot babe worked the drive thru
    window as they cooked burgers. Originally there was no dining room, just the stained and varnished
    barrel with drive thru and walk up windows. I doubt that Braun would know how to repair a barrel as each
    verticle board has two very slight curves.
    This was back in the days of $75/month garage apartments. Old Montrose is long gone.

  • Braun kicked them out (via a proposed raise in rent) without even having a new tenant lined up? And who in their right mind would move into this spot, invest the time/$ in starting up a business there, when the center will soon be on the demo list?

  • It seems like a good location for a food truck that’s thinking about going Bricks and Mortar.

  • The new landlord sounds like a cheese-ball, watch how long the barrel sits vacant.

  • Once upon a time, they delivered beer with your hamburger order?

  • What’s the big deal with this building? It looks like something two guys built in some hick town because they couldn’t afford a construction crew. If the owner chose to retire rather than relocate it says his business wasn’t
    that great. So all you pissers and moaners should have supported his business. The landlord’s appraised property value went up approximately $800,000 since he bought in 2011 and $1,000,000 since 2010 so the property taxes went up $12,000 in the same period. Why shouldn’t raise the rent to cover it?