Just Say ‘Oui’ to Drive-Thru Banh Mi at the Former Lucky Burger Spot

JUST SAY ‘OUI’ TO DRIVE-THRU BANH MI AT THE FORMER LUCKY BURGER SPOT Keys to Former Lucky Burger Building at 1601 Richmond Ave., Montrose, HoustonThe photo at right, posted to the Instagram account of Oui Banh Mi, a new venture from the Vietnamese-cuisine crew behind Washington Ave restaurant Les Givral’s Kahve and Kirby Dr. sweet outlet Oui Desserts, would seem to confirm Swamplot’s report last week that the group is planning a new drive-thru Banh Mi establishment in the recently vacated building at 1601 Richmond Ave — the barrel-shaped structure long occupied by the recently shuttered Lucky Burger. On the other hand, it could be that they’re just borrowing keys from the landlord for a little look-see. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Oui Banh Mi

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  • Why can’t it be the good Les Grivals?? I have never liked the thing on Washington Ave with the similar name but not so similar food.

  • Word is they will be open early for breakfast, close after lunch, then re-open in the evening, serving sandwiches with the kitchen staying open until 2:00 to feed the folks at Revelry after their kitchen closes at 10:00.