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  • Omg what a perfect reconstruction of my grandparents’ living room!

  • That carpet is truly nightmare grade horrifying.

  • oOOooOooo…this is a good one!

  • Pending. I assume this is a tear-down, otherwise they would have spent the little amount to recarpet?

  • Spoonman, look at their outdated furniture and appliances. You think the owners would have spent the money on recarpeting but choose to retain all those wonderfully antiquated assets?

  • Don’t know why, but I enjoy “time machine” homes like this one. Very old school.

    How to estimate when a home was build:
    Before 1920’s – has a historical marker out front
    1920 & 30’s – large porched front on narrow lots
    1940’s – houses built low to the ground – almost always look identical to each other
    1950’s – seafoam green/Pepto Bismol-pink tile in the bathrooms
    1960’s – wood paneling in the den
    1970’s – diagonal exterior wood plank paneling
    1980’s – skylights, skylights, skylights
    1990’s – McMansion
    2000’s – faux Tuscan exteriors
    2010’s – Teardown something from the above list and build whatever in its place. Doesn’t matter what – we’ve run out of ideas at this point.