Brushing Up the Clean Lines of a $899K Meyerland Mod on Brays Bayou



Like sharpened cuspids, a 4-pack of aligned and angled columns screens the entry of a 1960 modern home in Meyerland. Could a toothy grill off the circular driveway have been the intent of the long-term owner, a dentist? The home’s initial design is attributed to H. Oberdieck in architectural chatter about the property and its records. Listed earlier this month, the home’s asking price is $899,000.



HCAD indicates a 1982 renovation. A neighbor of days gone by, however, mentions in online discussion some additional work in the nineties that might have added the stalactites pictured above. Behind them, a recessed gated entry leads to a set of front doors with artsy etched glass panels.



Many of the 4,812-sq.-ft. home’s living, dining, and entertaining spaces are open to each other and feature full-height windows all around. Sections of tiered ceiling and up-a-step flooring designate “room” possibilities — as well as pathways through the sleek spaces:







Unlike the more open portions of the floor plan, the den (off the foyer) closes off with several sets of see-through doors:


More of the checkerboard motif pops up elsewhere in the home:





Sleepless? The master suite has an office . . .



and its bathroom, a few mirrors:


There are 3 secondary bedrooms, each with distinguishing features, including this one’s patio peek . . .


and whimsy:


This one also has an office area . . .


but it’s down an internal hallway. Punchy trim connects the suite and finishes off the shelving between rooms:






A courtyard at the core of the property gives all the rooms a stone-and-planter view — and maybe some cross peeps:




The 14,190-sq.-ft. lot is across the street from the north side of Brays Bayou and east of S. Rice Ave. An open house is scheduled for next Sunday.

Say ‘Ahhhhh’?

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  • Cool house, I actually like the “toothy” front. There are some uh, interesting, choices in the interior design, but on the whole, I like what they’ve done. Since it’s Meyerland, where they have an appreciation of Mid Century Modern, this most likely won’t be torn down.


  • Wow, $900K and no garage?

  • Wow, this is a sweet Mid Century mod! I love the “toothy” front!

    @Shannon – I agree, a few interesting choices on the interior but overall a pretty nice looking mod!

  • Love it !!! Like most of the interior design / finishes… Soothing and relaxing… I grew up in Bellaire / Meyerland, so I truly appreciate the MCM homes.. Today’s construction is crappy at best. Amazing how the older housing stock has held up ( with the proper maintenance ) vs. NC-some of which starts rusting /warping / bowing / before the owners move in !!! Meyerland has of one Houston’s best HOA’s. With STRONGLY enforced deed restrictions; that is why people choose to live there ( even with the flooding potential ,due to being in the Brays Bayou watershed).

  • As a MCM enthusiast, I’m sure I’ll find some feeble excuse to be in the Meyerland area this Sunday afternoon.

    Kudos to the photographers, it looks great. Contrast the HAR front photo with the current street view – quite a difference (wetting down streets/driveways/concrete is one of the oldest tricks to bring some drama to nighttime settings). I always wondered what a professional photographer could do with place that in really rough shape…

  • Open house scheduled for next Sunday! Wouldn’t mind snooping around some more. Beautifully done! Love the outdoor courtyard!!!

  • great home. a few minor tweaks to lower the decor volume here and there, a stove and appliance upgrade in the kitchen, and a pool and outdoor space in the backyard… and you have a $1.5MM home at a 33% discount.

  • except that its directly on Braeswood and there is no backyard. Perry says “oops!”

  • I don’t know why people get such raging hard-ons for places like this. It is cold and institutional. Looking at the magazine racks, I think ‘dentist’. No garage, no yard. Sitting on a very busy street and probably floods.

  • Gisgo, I agree, this house does not exude that energetic, playful vibe that makes MCM so great. Especially not with this interior treatment; I’d be afraid to walk around, lest my socks dirty the carpet.