New Angles (and a $1MM+ Price Bump) on That Stern and Bucek Mod in Southampton

2115 Wroxton St., Southampton, Houston, 77005

As of yesterday, the home at 2115 Wroxton is on the market again — this time for $4.5 million, and with some zoomy new angles among the listing photos.  When last we left the home in February of this year, the Southampton property had been listed (for the second time) for just under $3.5 million, and was bracing for auction with a minimum bid of $2.9 million. But the property was pulled from the market at the end of May, with no recorded sale. (The mod was first listed for $3.75 million in September 2013, but was pulled the following July.)

The new listing allows prospective buyers to peer across 1 of the 3 courtyards to Wroxton St. out front (above), and to gaze down into the pool through the solar screen (below):


2115 Wroxton St., Southampton, Houston, 77005

The outdoor mini-kitchen is now pictured head-on, replacing the previous shot looking down along the countertop:

2115 Wroxton St., Southampton, Houston, 77005

The new listing also trades out photos of several of the 6 full bathrooms for shots of what appear to be 2 of the others — 1 with a similar tile scheme, 1 done up in a pixelated blue haze. 

2115 Wroxton St., Southampton, Houston, 77005 2115 Wroxton St., Southampton, Houston, 77005

A bigger-picture shot of the previously-shown third bathroom has been swapped for an intimate closeup of the tub:

2115 Wroxton St., Southampton, Houston, 77005

2115 Wroxton St., Southampton, Houston, 77005

Images: HAR

Third Time’s The Charm

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  • So the house didn’t sell several times, let’s re-list it for more money? This isn’t California full of loons, people earn their money in Texas and don’t throw it away. I always tell my clients I’ll be more than happy to build you a contemporary home but don’t expect to ever sell it in Houston, at least not anywhere close to what you will spend.

  • * why are they using asterisk instead of commas? *

  • I’m curious, especially from the previous swamplot publication, who the heck is so upset when homes on har are listed higher than other homes in the region or don’t match the neighborhood? PLEASE explain to me why folks from this site want everything to be built like cheap tract homes in the burbs? How is everyone on here such the real estate expert. Is it possible that most of the ‘know-it-alls’ on here are in real life are broke people who only feel good inside themselves putting other people’s homes down, maybe an online bully? I’m sure this comment will get major negative return comments from all the experts but at lease those people are protected behind their computer screen. I’m not connected to this home but I can say the home is appealing and I were rich enough who knows I might buy it but, again all the negative commenters on here I’m sure are educated but broke people who never made it in life are terribly jealous of others.

  • @Houston Realtor. How thoughtful you are to point out the negativity of some the posts from Swamplot readers. Obviously you are enlightened and would never refer to others as “broke people who never made it in life and (sic) are terribly jealous of others.” Thanks for contributing.

  • ^^ Haha! Or at the very least the protected ‘know it alls’ are familiar with the fact that this home is one of the last buildings authored by my former professor and Houston architectural hero Mr. William ‘Bill’ Stern, a quintessential Modernist… Also known for the CAM, the refurbishment of the Phillip Johnson Dominique de Menil house and SEVERAL othe great projects nationwide!

    This home is an investment opportunity people. But I guess the $30k a year millionaires in this town know best? Look at all thier antiquated, EIFIS covered, 15k square foot ‘want to be’ McMansions.

  • Love the house.

  • I docented at this house for an AIA Home Tour and met the architect.
    He said the highlight of the house is that it’s centered on three courtyards, but in my opinion, the highlight is the coat closet/giant aquarium in the entry/living room… that and all the natural daylight that floods the house.
    Typically, artwork prices go up once the artist is deceased, but I’ve never heard of the same logic being applied to houses…

  • I knew I’d get a bashing for my comment, clearly that was expected and this is my last response but all the negative educators on here who are ‘experts’ in selling houston real estate, well you don’t know on here who the person is but when you see them on swamplot’s facebook page and you see the person giving similar responses then research them on facebook usually they are older people who ‘dabble’ in real estate but have nothing really on their selling roster. When you think about it as much time as I’ve spent commenting on here I should be doing something in my real estate business productive so clearly I have too much time on my hands, too. Commenters who spend too much time researching ‘Montgomery cad’ for a home listed from a preacher a few days back has too much time on their hands. Top producing realtors and busing builders aren’t sitting at home going through all these swamplot post and doing hard research on comps and coming back to report their hard work. The next person who gives negative feedback on myself must be in he same situation as me: broke, too much time on my hands, and haven’t made it in life yet, but just like ‘you’ I’ m trying hard to show my worth and knowledge by posting here. This is so crazy that’ I’m even typing at the moment here.

  • ^Well in that case it should have no problem selling