A Stern and Bucek Modern in Southampton Goes for the Gavel This Time


Will an auction accomplish what a previous listing didn’t for this Stern and Bucek-designed modern mansion in Southampton? The property had stuck to a $3.75 million asking price from September 2013 to June 2014 before calling a timeout. Its relisting by a new agent last week notes that when the auction kicks in later this month, the minimum starting bid will be . . .



$2.9 million (details are on the auction site). Bidding opens February 10 and ends March 24 for the 7,694-sq.-ft. home. It’s located on slightly more than a quarter of an acre, midblock between Shepherd Dr. and Hazard St., south of Bissonnet St. There’s a service alley at the back of the double lot. The open floor plan, with steel-framed, full-height windows, offers through-views of the fire and water features found in 3 courtyards:






The home, designed for multiple generations, has 5 bedrooms, 6 full bathrooms, 2 half baths, and a lap pool. Exterior finishes mix brick, first-growth cypress wood and zinc siding.


Auction Action

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  • Auction is a sign of desperation. I’m sure the new agent sold it to the owner as a brilliant marketing move, but it only shows that the asking price is laughable but we want to create fake sense of urgency and desirability.

    I also hate when realtors throw the name of the architect out there like it’s somehow special or even important. To an average buyer (even in this price range) it means diddly squat, all important Location, Location, Location, and then If they Like the House wins every time. Most architects are only known in very small circles and their talent is VERY SUBJECTIVE and not a universal factor.

  • A six WEEK auction with an unknown reserve price and a 3% Buyer’s Premium paid to the auction company?!?!?! Those should be filed under a new Swamplot category called How Not To Sell A House.

  • Common: I’ve thought the same thing. I sort of eye roll when I see the architect mentioned on a home listing.
    Bernard: agree. At least give the reserve so people know they’re not wasting their time.

  • Stern didn’t do anything that wasn’t top-notch in terms of material quality and workmanship. His name is definitely worth mentioning. The target buyer for this kind of house will probably have an interest in art and design and would be interested in knowing who designed it. The trick to selling a house like this is being ok with it sitting on the market for a looong time.

  • It’s a nice house and Stern is known to people in this price range. The problem was and still remains it is overpriced and overbuilt for the block. R.E. 101, never buy the nicest house on the block…

  • awesome home……the best quality and workmanship. the name stern…definitely worth mentioning.. duh..
    eye roll……….

  • Are those..(gulp). ….books????

  • Mid Block between Shepherd & Wilton.

  • I wonder if the people who live in moderns that are wedged into existing traditional single family houses get tired of hearing “oh, you live in THAT house” whenever they meet neighbors and tell them where they live.

  • An 875,000 price reduction via an auction: uh oh. That listing strategy didn’t work out ,did it Mr. Realtor? The owners ask was TOO high. And their agent lost money listing this white elephant.. @ Commonsense: exactly. I could care less who the hell the architect is. Sometimes the architect can be a negative factor.@ Bernard @ Cody: exactly. I’m VERY close to someone who has a 1970’s Eames recliner / footstool made of a protected species hardwood -very similar to the pair in the library.

  • P.S. The listing agent is also the auctioneer !!!! I wouldn’t buy it. Auctions are too emotional and some people get carried away and pay way too much

  • I’m actually sitting in it right now and it’s so beautiful! It feels kind of Austiny. It must be nice to be desperate and go to auctions and over pay for a bad ass house. Being that it’s in a normal boring neighborhood makes it even that more bad ass. It’s common sense that someone’s a teeny bit jealous. You guys are so lucky you hate it bc you’ll never have to live in it. Phew. Now you can relax.