Comment of the Day: The Next Astrodome Election Is Already Scheduled, Anyway

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE NEXT ASTRODOME ELECTION IS ALREADY SCHEDULED, ANYWAY “Great to see that a bill specifically tailored to torpedo the Astrodome has been shot down. The state politicians should not meddle in local county affairs. Did anyone ever ask Houston and Harris County voters to spend millions upon millions to host another Super Bowl? Or to upgrade Reliant Stadium to please McNair? If the county’s financing plan is legitimate (no bonds issued, and a referendum not required), let them continue. Harris county voters have already spoken by voting Emmett and others in. They’ll have their chance to vote them out if needed. The revitalized Dome could be something special — why waste a unique structure and a Houston landmark?” [Blake, commenting on The Bill To Force an Astrodome Garage-ification Election Is Dead, Again, For NowIllustration: Lulu

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  • I’d be inclined to say that all big local projects ought to be put up for referendum as a matter of course, but every time it happens, the ballot language is convoluted and the implications are nigh impossible for ordinary people to figure out. And that seems to be true regardless of whether the authors of the ballot would tend to come down as politically ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’. If that’s how its going to be, that the powers that be will make it so that they get their way, then spare us the illusion of a democratic process and just get on with it already.

  • Many state laws are enacted just to address items of “concern” in the CoH. I thought the majority of the legislature was Republican that believed in local rule….. perhaps they only believe that when it is convenient or they aren’t in power (like in the CoH) . The ‘Great’ State of Texas should stay the H*LL of of Houston and Harris County local property issues.

  • “All big local projects ought to be put up for referendum” – Certain projects are (school districts issuing bonds for capital improvement, and major sports stadiums such as Enron Field) and others such transportation projects (highways and light rail are not). Note; City of Houston shot down an ambitious project for heavy rail in the 80’s and an epic reconstruction of I-45 is coming soon. I may be mistaken, but only projects that increase taxes and/ or needing to issue a bonds are up for vote by the public. Yes! your right, is often “ballot language is convoluted”.

    The county, specially the sports authority (?), is wanting to build a massive parking garage. It just happens to be inside the Dome. The price tag is questionable. But, would anyone flinch or complain if this was a conventional parking garage?

  • 2018 election is around the corner. Time to vote Emmett out, 11 years in office is enough. There really should be a term limit for this position. This thing should have been demolished already.