West University’s Metallic ‘Monstrosity’ House Now Up For Sale

That big metal-skinned house on Centenary St. in West University is on the market as of yesterday, listed for a smidge under $2.2 million.  The home’s construction in the early 2010’s touched off some nasty comments and light contractor harrassment from some of the folks in the area (though architect Cameron Armstrong said around the time of completion that most folks thought the final product was fine).  The big shiny box holds 2 floors and 4 bedrooms, with a rooftop patio that allows visitors to rise above any neighborhood hubbub and gaze off toward the Medical Center:


A spiral staircase starting on the second floor curls up to the roof:

Photos: HAR

Shiny New Listing

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  • people in West U are trash with no taste. Go build another lot-line McMansion.

  • My vertigo would be yelling at me ascending that spiral staircase…

  • This is tolerable but can we condemn that awful monstrosity at Rosedale and the NB 288 feeder? It’s like they tried to combine every mod design cliche with sub-pearland tract house level massing. An aesthetic black hole.

  • I wouldn’t mind living in that house at all. Sadly I don’t have the $2.2m required to do so.

  • I don’t understand the exposed trusses. Who ever will clean the dust off of them?

  • Isn’t this supposed to go in the warehouse district…..gosh Mr architect and owner ,who, apparently is here today and gone tomorrow, throw away architecture , I can only hope you move to San Francisco, tear down an historical row house and throw up an aluminum Carbuncle, in the name of Cy wobbly.

  • Doesn’t this house belong in a warehouse district? The interior is great but aluminum structures are already passe so the architect and the owner envisioned what exactly? …diversifying the neighborhood with minimal maintenance aluminum ? How better to ruin a neighborhood’s consistency. …and now the here today gone tomorrow owner has departed …it makes sense

  • Of course it’s fine! I mean, not everyone wants to live in meaningful spaces. Some people just feel more at place in an environment completely devoid of life, beauty, and history. Why shouldn’t we want people to authentically express the jagged and alien material of their souls?

  • Haters gonna hate….

  • A lot better than 99.9% of the tacky nouveau riche piles that have ruined West u. No integrity or good design in the NC piles !!!