Comment of the Day: The No-Bike-Lane Bike Plan

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE NO-BIKE-LANE BIKE PLAN Bike Rider in Traffic“There’s even a more simple plan: Make the right lane 12 ft. (or more) and the left lane 10 ft. Don’t stripe new bike lanes or overly alter existing regulations. Don’t plan. Don’t get approvals. Don’t p/o motorists with the silly bike lanes that bikers fear and never use. We just need a little extra space for cars to pass us by. And: Motorists will like having buses and other heavy vehicles in the larger right-lane, too . . . you don’t even need signage.” [Chris M(2)., commenting on Comment of the Day: Houston’s New Bike Plan Is Just a Plan] Illustration: Lulu

One Comment

  • A 12 foot right lane is not safe for a bike and a car to share. If there is not room to put a 5 foot bike lane plus a 10 or 11 foot main lane, then there should not be a bike lane at all. State law says that any lane less than 14 feet wide is considered “substandard” and not safe for a cyclist and motorist to share. In such a case, the cyclist should take the lane. But in Houston, many bike lanes are so narrow that if you add the bike lane width plus the adjacent main lane width, the sum is less than 14 feet. I take the lane in that case since there is no way for a car to pass me safely if I am in the narrow bike lane.