Comment of the Day: The Rice Military Ditch Defense

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE RICE MILITARY DITCH DEFENSE “The traffic issues including travel patterns and existing infrastructure are different in every neighborhood along WAve and need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis especially in these older, grid layout areas. If you think traffic on these 20′-25′ paved streets with 2′ deep swales on either side is fast moving — just wait until the streets are widened to 30′+ with new, smooth concrete and nothing but someones entry, home office or garage 10′ away! I’m very happy that 2 wayward, late-night autos ended up in the swale in front of my house instead of on my porch. Successful traffic calming devices in my ’hood include parked cars.” [MSchuler, commenting on The Rotting Drywall Is Flying at Park Memorial]

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  • I’d like to see speed bumps on Detering, Blossom, and Feagan. People fly through there and like MSchuler says there isnt any room for error. I feel sorry for the dog walkers, they have zero space. I wonder how many parked cars on these streets get hit on an average thurs-sat nights.

  • Speed bumps don’t help. People just speed up between them to make up lost time and then slam on the brakes. MSchuler is completely correct and more of this type of thinking needs to be spread around this town. Narrower streets and parked cars on the streets will make people slow down naturally.

  • “Narrower streets and parked cars on the streets will make people slow down naturally.”

    And the parked cars also act as a barrier for all those people walking on the wonderful sidewalks in our city.

  • The narrow street concept is something that has been studied in urban design. Cities like New Orleans have lots of old very narrow streets that are now used by cars to drive and park. Many of these streets you’ll damage your car (parked or moving) if you go too fast. And you have to move your mirrors in because you will lose them.

    Narrow streets do help much better than speed bumps. And Detering being a primary street just like Feagan will likely get road humps instead of speed bumps (yes, there is a big difference).