Comment of the Day: The Way Things Are Going

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING “So much hand-wringing over a store! Washington Avenue’s already peaking, and will be full of boarded up resturants and bars in a couple of years. The Heights will one day be covered in badly built townhomes, just like here in Rice Military. All that will remain is Wal-Mart. It’s just the way it is. Nobody or nothing can stop it.” [ricemilitaryboy, commenting on Washington Heights Walmart Companion Strip Stand-Ins: No-Names, Off-Brands, and Imports]

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  • Like roaches after a nuclear war.

  • Shady Acres and Sunset Heights are not the Heights… Get it right. McMansions will cover the Heights. Sheesh!

  • And gentrifying Jesus says let there be stucco and strip centers a’plenty..

  • Walmart will fall, just like other big box stores…to be replaced by something else. Then imagine the vast indoor flea market space which will be left behind. Maybe even the worlds greatest indoor go kart facility.

  • Washington is peaking BECAUSE of WalMart. It’s the modern version of white flight.

  • Yep a realtor told me the same thing, people are scared of buying in the area because of the Walmart development.

    Also, you can see most of the new developments in the last 6 months going in on Washington has been further West towards Rice Military or further East towards 1st & 6th Wards. Central Washington area i.e Yale / Heights are suffering from Walmart-flight.

  • An indoor go kart facility would be perfect for the area. Is there a way to rapidly speed up the inevitable boom and bust? Maybe they can just build the structure and then leave.

  • Awwwwwwww: douchebaggery central aka Washington Ave. corridor is so yesterday – like the Richmond strip and Midtown were in past decades. And Walmart is the official icing on a dying area!!!