Comment of the Day: Why Houston Greenspaces Can’t Share the Green

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WHY HOUSTON GREENSPACES CAN’T SHARE THE GREEN Money Growing on Tree“The big money is coming from private donations (Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Hermann Park Conservancy, Memorial Park Conservancy), most likely with ‘strings attached’ that require that they must be used in a specific park. I’m sure the Parks and Rec people would love to do more special projects in the neighborhood parks, but it’s also going to require someone with deep pockets to step up for them.” [slugline, commenting on The Places a 117-Ft.-Tall Yellow Corkscrew Tower Could Fit In Along Buffalo BayouIllustration: Lulu

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  • Which is why I was happy when Sugar Land took over Cullen Park… But more importantly, it’s why Houston needs a City-Wide Parks Conservancy that raises money and does improvements in all its other parks.

  • @ZAW: Houston already has this–the Houston Parks Board. They’re a non-profit that raises money to spend on City-of-Houston-park-improvements. They’re raising about half the money for the Bayou Greenways Initiative. Now, how they allocate the money they raise is a different question, but still, they do exist.

  • With that bit of info @Dave102 I was reminded I voted for:
    Nov. 2012 Proposition B $166 million in Park Improvement Bonds
    & discovered
    “from 1976. In those 36 years. completed $80 million”
    The Past Project Map is dated 2016 take away 1976 equals 40 ? Therefore, I conclude when the missing years are found so, too, will the money for the unpinned parks’ improvements.

  • Thanks, Dave102.
    I do wish they were more widely known and worked with local interests more to improve parks: teaming up with Management Districts, TIRZs, and Associations like SWHouston2000 could be just what the doctor ordered to improve neighborhood parks.