Comment of the Day: Your Weekend Heights-Creep Forecast

COMMENT OF THE DAY: YOUR WEEKEND HEIGHTS-CREEP FORECAST Future Yale Marketplace site at Yale St. and 610 Loop, Garden Oaks/Independence Heights, Houston, 77018“Garden Oaks and Oak Forest are [already] part of The Heights (the same way they are calling Spring Branch ‘Memorial’, and a lot of long time residents were angry that new residents called Northside Village ‘Tampico Heights’). I have bad news for the purists out there: if you live in Cottage Grove, Independence Heights, Shady Acres, Brooke Smith, Timbergrove/Lazybrook, those areas are now part of The Heights [as well].  . . . These hoods that have the 365 stores are gonna get more pricey and popular, since they are close to Downtown.” [Dj, commenting on Whole Foods’s 365 Garden Oaks Spot Now Emptied of Neff Rental Rentals] Rendering of 365 Garden Oaks: Boucher Design Group

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  • I gently correct anyone who tries to say that Timbergrove is part of the Heights. The two are very different, from the style of house, to the state of the streets, to the general attitude towards the neighborhood. And, as for the new 365 store, a colleague who has lived most of her life on 31st near Yale, says, “It’s Garden Oaks, damn it, not the Heights!”

  • The Hampton Inn at I10 and Washington / Wescott markets itself as “Hampton Inn in the Heights”!

  • Ross: Technically, not even Garden Oaks, but just across the street. I would wager a lot of GO resident money will change hands there, however.

  • The First Ward is Sawyer Heights and about half the businesses here are named “Heights _______” or ______ in the Heights”.
    Heights heights heights.

    On the home values topic, according to Forbes, Trader Joe’s raises property values more than Whole Foods these days.