Crew Scraping Out Interior of Old King Biscuit Box, Now Paired With House Next Door

King Biscuit Patio Cafe, 1606 White Oak Dr., Houston, 77009

King Biscuit Patio Cafe, 1606 White Oak Dr., HoustonThe artsy building at the pointy intersection of White Oak Dr. with Morrison and Beauchamp streets appears to be prepping for the possibility of a new gig. City permission for some interior wall smashing in the former King Biscuit space (shown above in full 2011 Technicolor) was granted at the beginning of August, and a reader sends the topmost photo of the scene this afternoon with reports of some recent scuttling about inside.

The space at 1606 White Oak is currently listed for sale on LoopNet as part of a 2-fer: buy the Biscuit for $2.17 million, and the owner will throw in the well-camouflaged house across Morrison at 1528 White Oak for free:


1528 White Oak Dr., Houston Heights, Houston, 77009

Galveston’s Avis Frank opened up a gallery in the Biscuit’s old spot after the club’s closure and subsequent revival fallthrough in 2011, followed by the building sale in 2012. But the art folks cleared out by the middle of the June before last, after which the 1930s building got fully blanked out again.

Photo: Swamplot inbox (top), Renny Glover (second), LoopNet (third)

White Oak 2-Fer

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  • $2.17 million for 10,398 sq ft of land and a couple of old buildings? Is that right?

  • Very odd to pair those properties together. However, I used to love King Biscuit…intermittently terrible service notwithstanding… I’d love for it to be a bar/restaurant again.

  • Yeah, which explains why its been on the market for so long. I had inquired indirectly about purchasing this when it was just the Biscuit (at a price of around 500K) and the economics didn’t make sense then (this was before White Oak built out). Somebody bought it and is now reselling the parcel for an absurd price. I hear this is his path to retirement: buy everything so he can retire and move away. Personally, I think he’s smoking banana peels, but would love to have this return to a Biscuit type space.

  • If someone wants to make this commercial again, they will have difficulty getting permits due to zero parking.

  • From what I’ve heard, the owner is not actually trying to sell, but that seemingly high number is what the minimum price is, if someone REALLY WANTS to own that location. So step right up investors, you could resurrect the biscuit and live across the street at the same time.

  • Hello everybody…… the house is included as a tear down lot. that will be the parking lot for this commercial space…..

  • Loved the Biscuit but the dumpster smell as customers approached was overwhelming. If it becomes a restaurant again I’ll give it the sniff test.

  • Hey rico – the lot the house is sitting on is deed restricted. It will NOT be a parking lot.