Cul-de-Sacking an Uncut Corner in Hunters Creek Village

This solid swath of property neighbored by tightly packed cul-de-sacs in Hunters Creek Village appears to be swinging that way: County records show that just one 7,549-sq.-ft. home now stands on these 4.4 acres at the corner of Memorial and Voss, and a Hunters Creek Village employee tells Swamplot that the property is being subdivided and 7 new homes will be arranged inside the gated community called Reynolds Court Addition.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • of rather see three or four estate size houses than 7 or 8 crammed around a courtyard or whatever –and please change the name –Reynolds Court conjures up visions of a Chicago Housing Project–geez, who thinks of these awful names

  • Which corner of Memorial and Voss? I’d imagine the NE corner right?

  • That’s half an acre per house, hardly crammed.

  • @Walker – you are correct. I drive by it everyday on the way to work.

  • @walker – You are correct, the NE corner.

  • Will someone please address the traffic concerns?!?!? This urban density is going to wreak havoc on Memorial Village commuters.

  • @common–the Memorial Villages are desired because of the rural woodsy Buckhead feel along with the huge lots, and it actually comes down to less then a half acre per home when you consider a street will be built in the gated community, unless they plan to helicopter onto their lawn everyday –you may think Commmon that that’s an amble lot and maybe it is in West U, but in the villages that’s small and this dense developement won’t be welcomed by the surrounding neighbors I assure you

  • This land was owned by Reynolds family- he was
    the Reynolds of the Reynolds Allen Cook law firm– may have changed name over the years.
    Probably estate issues.

  • Houston needs more trees not less.

  • On 4.4 acres you could cram 15 to 25 town homes each one in Hunsters creek would be $800k+

  • Hey does anyone know who will be developing Reynolds court on the corner of memorial and voss?
    I’m curious to know who the developer or builder will be .