Cullen’s 700-Diner Building To Take Up Medicine, Citing Owners’ Quality of Life Concerns

Cullen's, 11500 Space Center Blvd, Houston, 77059

The couple behind Cullen’s Upscale American Grille and Whisk(e)y Bar announced yesterday that the Vegas-style restaurant near Ellington Field had shut down, following some hard reflection on the “brevity and uncertainty of life” after the unexpected death of GM Ryan Roberts last August. Sandra and Kevin Munz released a statement on the restaurant’s webpage indicating that the 37,000-sq.-ft. space would be converted into a healthcare facility, starting immediately; the couple says they plan to focus their attention on the business ventures which will “most dramatically enhance the quality of [their] lives,” and to spend more time with their kids.

The choose-your-own-china-pattern restaurant opened in 2008 as a green-certified, 700-seat anchor for Kevin Munz’s Clearpoint Crossing development, which includes retail strips next to residential complex just north on Space Center Blvd. south of Genoa Red Bluff Rd. Much of the rest of the retail center has already gotten on board with the medical theme: the development currently houses the UT Physicians Bayshore Family Practice facilities, Bailey Orthodontics, and Clearpoint Dentistry.

Photo of Cullen’s at 11500 Space Center Blvd.: Jason L. 

Changing Direction at Ellington

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  • Great restaurant opened at the worst time in Clear Lake history. 2008 to 2012 didnt see much in the way of fine dining and none of the proposed development came as quickly as they needed.

  • here’s a better headline: “Giant restaurant in the middle of nowhere that nobody has heard of closes, no one cares”

  • Ugh. I know the last year or so they’ve been off, my last few visits the food just wasn’t good – in the grill or the Bravissimo Italian spot.. But I will really miss having some place in the Clear Lake area with such a nice atmosphere. Fine dining feel without feeling like you had to dress up. And hey, they had electric car chargers in the parking lot – I always thought that was commendable.

  • @I Love Heights Walmart: that has got to be the comment of the day.

    Is there ever a good time to open a 37000 square foot restaurant? They should have called it the McRestaurant… Brought to you by the people who came up with the McMansion.