Don’t Need That Old Building on Fulton St. Anymore, Except The Part That’s Keeping the Tower Behind It from Falling Over

Guy Wires, 4101 Fulton St., Silverdale, Houston

All that’s left of a 1956 steel-frame industrial building on the campus of ALG Truck & Trailer Repair at 4101 Fulton St. just south of Patton is these old cast-in-place concrete supports. The building, which lines the west side of the North Line light-rail extension in the Near Northside, was torn down over the last 2 weeks. Why are just these portions left standing?

It’s not entirely clear, but it might have something to do with the guy wires that are holding down a radio antenna tower adjacent to a service bay behind the Love’s Truck Stop directly to the west, which is accessed from nearby Patton St. It’s visible at the far left of the above photo — and in this marked-up view from Google, showing how it looked when the building was still intact:


Guy Wires, 4101 Fulton St., Silverdale, Houston

Guy Wires, 4101 Fulton St., Silverdale, Houston

As you can see from the above photos, carefully annotated by Swamplot reader and wire-spotter Brent Oldbury, the wires are anchored to the easternmost column of the building.

Here’s the view from across the Red Line track:

Guy Wires, 4101 Fulton St., Silverdale, Houston

Photos: Brent Oldbury

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  • Free Market… if they leave them in place, and take down the fence, I bet within a couple of months, you might find Taco trucks, velvet Elvis paintings, cheap rugs, and a window repair business prospering there!

  • The tower may not be long for the world either. There do not appear to be any active land mobile radio licenses associated with that tower location.

  • Free Market Montrose where you can find a Walgreens with two aisles of lube, homeless teenage prostitutes, and bike-theiving crackheads.