Doubled Up and at Large in Lazybrook

Emerging this week onto the market from usually low-slung Lazybrook: This honking 2-story from the seventies, weighing in at 3,670 sq. ft. on a half-acre lot. Just a few blocks south of White Oak Bayou, in the upper left armpit of the 610 Loop, the place looks like it has room for more than a couple: There are double ovens, double disposals, double dishwashers, double AC systems, double sinks in the Master Bath, and recent double-paned windows. Only one swimming pool, though. Then there’s this logo and mascot:


The seller is counting 4 or 5 bedrooms, 3 full and 2 half baths, and waving a $649,900 sticker price.

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  • Some people are of the belief that the should keep dishes that have touched meat products separate from those that have touched milk products, and so on. I wonder if the current/former owner(s) of the house in question believe likewise.

    In any event, that is quite a high rise bed that they have there.

  • Could be they’re keeping kosher. Could also be that they do a lot of entertaining.

  • LOVE the low res pictures, brings so much detail…..gag. Why can’t some realtors just take that extra step? Attention Homeowners! It’s okay to take down the tree that is limbed up so far it looks like a qtip. Or the tree that had half the branches knocked off in the hurricane or the crooked tree that is NEVER going to look any better no matter how long you let it grow. You go to so much trouble trying to make your landscape beautiful but you keep these hideous things. Cut them down, already plant new ones!!

  • Either empty the closet or don’t post a photograph with your listing.

  • Another piece of advice for picture-taking…seeing the photographer in a mirror doesn’t enhance the look of the room.

  • What I suppose is the living room looks like a funeral parlor viewing room. All it needs is an open casket. I can understand two dishwashers but can’t they at least match?

  • Plus plenty of room for the Winnebago.

  • I miss the Neigborhood Guessing Game! This would have been a great candidate.

  • @MariaO:

    Somehow I get the feeling that the NGG might be dipping its toe into the water with these posts…

  • I REALLY wish we could bring the Neighborhood Guessing Game back! :-)